how far is spy hill from mcmahon stadium?

Roughly the number of yards the Stamps racked up last night.

.........LOL........pretty close but not quite.........about 15K.........why? What's up?.........you're not going to the Juvy lockup there are ya RnR?!..........

no my papa, lol, grew up in dalhousy

Why then do you need instructions when you could have asked your dad?

no, he siad he walked to every game in calgary when he was a kid, and i was curious how far , he said he couldnt remember

lol, if your dad walked to the games when he was a kid and living in dalhouse must of been far cause if it is more then say 20 years then he would of been walking across town cause they played then at mawda stadium

smack your wrong, first game in mcmahon, was 1960, winni vs calgary -calgarey lost

get some facts pal

RNR is right but his dad must of loved to walk that was a good mile or so. Now you walk to the LRT and 5 minutes your at the stadium. Why you want to know about spyhill jail is beyond me. You want a tour!