Ok I signed but a CFL version just will not sell.

Dont fool your self!The Arena Football game was alot of fun!Any publicity is good Publicity!Cfl will be moving into easy money with an Video game!Ask the NFL or the NHL!

Get EA Sports Canada to make the game, they are the best at computer sports games.

Madden 07 is great. I wish they would just added the CFL to it. Like the European leagues in the NHL games.

In Making CFL Rosters ..
I have The Unform All Ready...
Including Teams From past Prestent and Maybe Future

i will sign but you won't get support here guy. i have been trying all year to have people sign a petition to have the grey cup game back in hamitlon and have not received much support.

where do i sign?

Anybody play Madden 07 online for PS2?

Ahhh.....the CFL on an XBOX 360.

Combine that with a 50" plasma, and in the comfort of my own home, I'll be able to watch Maas throw interception after interception in high definition.



Wouldn't be too difficult for EA to make a CFL game, just swipe the madden engine, adjust the field, put in the new stats, adjust a few rules and positions and voila. I would love to see them do this.

Yes, It would not be difficult. And I dont buy the argument that the market is too small. Consider that the potential is close to 10 percent of Madden NFL. That makes the CFL a Huge market compared to risks taken on games other than football.

I created entire CFL Teams, On field, helmet logos, entire height, weight, college or origin, skin color, face, hairstyle, all skills as I see em for the entire CFL on Madden 2002 and 2003 for the CFL yrs 02, 03, 04. Not much too it but time consuming. I just bought NFL 2007 for PC. If anyone can get the uniforms and logos done up, I will help out with the players. Doing the whole job myself is just too time consuming.


Have you talked to someone at EA Sports? You never know; if someone like you is willing to do all that work for what is potentially a market item, maybe they'll make it worth your while... just a little.

My idea would be for EA to include the CFL in Madden 2008 much like how the include the NFL Europe. Just change the formating around a bit and voila: You ahve your self Madden CFL 2008.

I talked to EA sports when I created the first version back in 2002. No luck... Its the CFL who has to act. And they are. Starting with the CFL Nation fan surveys, and speaking with people around the industry on forums, the CFL has ongoing talks with 2k sports and at least one other developer. Look for it... Its coming...

But back to Madden, I still have not done the work for 2007 present gen that I had hoped to do. If anyone has a start on it. I would love to have the files to do more work on them and return them to you.

Same goes for files for Madden next Gen and its competitor who's game play exedes Madden performance without the NFL license - 2k8.

What exactly is a video game anyways? :wink:

How did Russ Jackson look during live action? :wink:

I live just down the street from EA's giant building here in Burnaby BC.

If anyone is bored and looking for a football game fix, you might check out the LFL. It's an online league, that plays head to head using the old, but fun FBPro Series. Uses mostly CFL rules and player names etc. (this is not a joystick league, its about drafting, trading, gameplans and calling the plays head to head)

And best of all the Ticats are in 1st place in their division!


a cfl video game would be awesome i love sports video games

i have all the madden games and nhl ones and nba ones

well not all of them but all of the 2007 ones

and would love a cfl video game