Topic Of The week, undershadowed by ...

Well The talk of the week was Printers, and he has his cat colors, let's see if he can be the saviour of the poor poor Hamilton Team, Maas in montreal? hmmmm ..... interesting scene in the east .... BUT don't stop there, Our bombers pick up Juran Bolden and Ike Charlton, let's see our Defence should be #1 now, right? who has to go? Well i can't see it being Jenkins, Simpson or Hebert, as these 3 have been motoring all year (Marlborough gone, Camm Hall) Hey i like Hall and he is a very good future product, find a way to keep him, what dfo you guys think? Bush, malveux, hall, tough call

....Malbrough might heve done himself in due to the fact he can't stay healthy....Hall and Jenkins are a tough call...i like both but somebodys going to have to go to the pr...Simpsons name shouldn't even come into the conversation....HOWEVER....i hope Hebert will re-up with us....although i think he's got his heart set on heading back to the states after this yr.....we're gonna have to fill his spot next we have to be careful on who we let go right now....Bolden and Charlton signings , to us in the Peg., are just as BIG as the Printers deal in Ham...and we'll get to see the results of those signings tomorrow....go get em BigBlue.... :wink: :rockin: :rockin:

come on papa, cam hall has been making nothing of his chance on the outside i say take him out for charlton and have our lb set up as jenkins, simpson, charlton

I have to agree with pops on Marbrough. Berry is really hot on this guy but he's not much good spending the season on the bench. Not sure about Hebert. Seems he has cooled off lately. In the first five games or so he was a terror on the special team. Now so much much. If I had to pick between Jenkins or Hall I would go with Jenkins. He, Simpson and Charlton would work quite well as footballmad stated. Go get em Bombers!