Top "Ti-Cat" Non-Import Receivers

In order, based on number of receptions this year:

  1. Kamau Peterson, 2) DAVE STALA, 3) Brock Ralph, 4) O'Neill Wilson, 5) Chris Getzlaf, 6) CHRIS BAUMAN, 7) Chad Rempel, 8) COREY GRANT, 9) MATT CARTER (has not played)
8) It is unreal when you look at former TiCats, who couldn't catch a cold in Hamilton, and yet as
  soon as they go to another team, they look like all stars  !!!

 Prime examples, O"Neil Wilson, and Kamau Peterson (although he was still good even here) !!!

The Ti-Cats have had issues developing talent for years, part of the reason our record has been so bad.

Cut Bauman as some people on this board have been promoting and you'll likely see him at the top of this list in a few years.

Stala has been quite possibly the Ticats best signing this year and he is only going to get better....
Bauman made some key catches last game and, if they start to go to him more, he will prove to everyone here that he is a lot better than people are giving him credit for.

I'd rank our best signings this year as follows:

  1. Jamall Johnson
  2. Dave Stala
  3. Kevin Glenn
  4. Alex Gauthier
  5. Garrett McIntyre
  6. Otis Floyd
  7. Justin Hickman
  8. Khari Long
  9. Montez Murphy
  10. Marquay McDaniel/Airese Currie

Montez Murphy has really surprised me. I didn't think much of it when we signed him, but he has been playing some good football these last two games.

He gets pressure, he knocks the passes down and he doesn't stop until here here's the whistle. I'd love to see this starting DL in a few weeks possibly:

DE- Garrett McIntyre
DE- Khari Long (Played absolutely outanding on Friday, was in on almost every play
DT- Montez Murphy
DT- Darrell Adams

I agree with your list ‘15’,except for one thing…
I would put Goodspeed ahead of Montez Murphy imo

Catfan i'd totally agree with you there, but i'm going 100% with signings not trade aquisitions, sorry for the confusion to you or anyone else.

In recent memory Dave Stala has been the best NI receiver for the Cats. However, none have come close to Andrew Grigg since his departure. He wasn't particularly big or fast, but he was just always open...deep. He quietly got the job done.

Honorable Mention: Trevor Shaw

Word! :rockin:

That's twice today I've agreed with buzz.

ontop of his recieving, Bauman contributes alot of unseen talents.

somewhere someone made a comparison between ex-cat Davis, and Bauman, and comparison could not be further from the truth. I love how "dead ball" Davis can drop huge drive killing plays(often), and Cat's faithfull proped him up untill the day he's cut, and some afterwards. Bauman on the flipside, could drop one, just one pass and get's lit up on these boards.

Anyone here remeber in 2008 when printers chucked to the rock for some 8 recpetions and 90 yards? (i know the stats aren't precise) When the ball actually goes his way Bauman is SOLID, and likely the most underrated, unfairly and overly criticized guys on the 42 man roster.

Andrew Grigg is second all time in yards per catch for the Cats. He was VERY fast.

You have forgotten the Most Valuable Canadian in the CFL from 2004 Mike Morreale.

Bauman is our best blocking receiver. I don't think he is big (heavy) enough to be a tight end type, but he can seal the end for RB/QB going wide. Also he has thrown some decent blocks down-field for his comrades.

Ok, I’m sure he could out-sprint me :lol: . It wasn’t a dig at him. He didn’t appear to be that fast and he wasn’t flashy, but however he did it, he got the job done. He was a great NI receiver for us.

I think I'd have Cobb in the top 5.