Top three feel-good stories

Enough with the negative stuff. How about listing your top three feel good stories about the Riders this year.

Mine would have to be:

  1. Home playoff game
  2. Emergence of Andy Fantuz as a threat
  3. Kent Austin's leadership.
  1. Sask Party losing th election

(Just kidding, just kidding) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

  1. home playoff game
  2. great off the field presence
  3. gone to first game in many years!!

#3 - Giving the province something to cheer about

#2 - Home Playoff game

Drum roll ........

#1 - Making Saskatchewan a team that players WANT to play for!. Look at BC. They made the team a location players wanted to move to. Build it and they will come. We have had our great players but for some time free agent recruitment was challenging. The ship has been righted and the Riders are a team that players will seek to join.

  1. Home Playoff game
  2. The Leadership of Austin
  3. The wheeling & dealings of Tillman
  4. The Greatly Improved play of Joseph
  5. The Resurgence of Fantuz
  1. home playoff
  2. Coach Austin
  3. trades. Flick, Holmes, Cates, Jones, Smith, Boreham.
  4. KJ under Austin
  5. crowds best in time as st holder.

3 more

Szarka getting the ball

Keith making Colts. Playing great. Still a Rider in my mind.

Scott Gordon playing. Finally.

Man, Dentor and austinpowers don't much care for reading, do they? lol

  1. Increased fan support (read: sellouts)
  2. KJ's improvement
  3. Home playoff game