Top ten things to do in Regina besides Football

Top ten things to do in Regina besides going to a Rider game

10- Stand on the # 1 hwy and moon all the people driving to Manitoba.

9- Check on your Dogs progress after he ran away from home 4 days ago.

8 - Shovel the snow away from the Outhouse.

7 - Take Grandma to Bingo

6- Make a backyard Rink

5 - Head over to Turkeybend house for Roadkill suprise

4- Take your Sister out on a Date.

3- Tune up the Banjo

2- Watch reruns of the Prarie Farm report

1- Take the Tractor out for a Cruise.

I forgot to add in this is all in good fun a I mean no harm , Good luck on Saturday .

If you really knew what you were talking about, you'd switch numbers six and one...and Farmgate takes precedence over Prairie Farm Report... 8) :lol:

Wow....I'm glad I don't live in Regina.

:rockin: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Good one oilrocker! Made me laugh out loud.
Good luck to your Esks! :thup:

You forgot square dancing, cow tipping, and taking turns smashing pilsner bottles over your head with cousin Billy Bob.

Prairie Farm Report...HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

'I'd completely forgotten about that show. Keven Hirsch, right?

"This week on Prairie Farm Report, we meet Bill Dunsley from Yorkton who built his own custom grain-handling system with spare parts. And an update on the new Hog Barns being built by the Hutterites near Rosthern. Stay tuned!"


But, when you only had farm-vision (no satellite tv, so your options were CBC or CTV) this was often the best thing on tv...

My Top Ten List

10 - Enjoy the great ammount of Canadian Music that travels through Regina on almost a weekly basis

9 - Dinner at a great restraunt (ie: Golfs, Meditranean Bistro ect or Turkeys Roadkill its pretty good)

8 - Grab a beer from some random world micro brewery at Beer Bros.

7 - Check out O'Hanlons, one of my favourite pubs of all time

6 - Go drink some wine at the Crushed Grape

5 - Check out the most recent production at the Globe Theater

4 - Go enjoy the great park that is Wascana and check out the Legislature

3 - Take a tour through the McKenzie art gallery

2 - Take in a Pats game

1 - Go cheer for the best football team in the CFL, and do it with the best fans on earth! GO RIDERS GO!

At least there are things to do....

Couple of those were pretty decent, I laughed :slight_smile:

I guess chucking empty beer bottles at road signs while driving highway speed must have been number 11......

Is taking your sister on a date the same as going to a family reunion to pick up women ?????

you really go to the globe theatre? be honest.

when i lived there i also liked to tip soda machines for free pops and go to kings park and shotgun beer.

oilerrocker makes a funny. Esk fans are cool.


I will follow up with why Lions fans can't make it to the games . I bet I will find more negative comments from lions fans , You Rider Fans are all right Thanks for at least seeing the humor in it . You all Rock , Go Riders Go :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: 8)

dont knock it till you try it. One of the most fun things I ever did in Manitoba. More fun when you clearing snow with the front end loader tho. :thup: :rockin:

Going for a cruise in the ole half million dollar bucket of bolts, stereo on, or maybe watch a DVD, air conditioning cranked, while the GPS tracking system steers for you likely beats the crap out of going for a ride in Oilrockers 1993 Topaz....

Buddy, you know how many chicks you can pick up cruising in that whip?

All of them in Regina :stuck_out_tongue:

I drive an 85 topaz. Only small 4dr car worth driving.

I luv my topaz

Cant wait to get my new crewcab pickup tho.

Actually at the Time I couldn't afford the Topaz so I settled for a 2dr 76 Chevy chevette I ripped out the back seat laid down some sleeping bags . and that's were I crashed after having to many Extra old stocks (high test for you old timers)