Top Ten TDs In the CFL This Year

If any of you watched the CBC pregame yesterday, they did a feature of the top 10 TDs in the CFL this year. The #1 TD was scored by an Edmonton receiver , Gaylor. Although it was a nice TD catch, I dont remember that particular TD and they ranked it at the top. I personally would have switched that one with the #3 TD on that list, the Stegall TD to beat the Eskimos on the final play. IMO, that should have been #1, as it is the most memorable and improbable TD we will see scored in this decade, never mind the season.

Milt's should be #1, no doubt. The next 9 should be Geroy.

I agree, Milts should have been number 1
Robert Edwards diving one handed catch in the endzone should have been way higher than 8th.

Edm's TD voted number 1, was no better than 5 or 6 for me

I didn't see it, but I don't remember that one.

Without question the Stegall 100-yarder was the most memorable. I actually missed that too, but saw the highlights and I'll never forget it.

You could put every kick return touchdown on that list...there were what, three this year? And the one by Fowlkes broke a touchdown drought that lasted about a month.

Terry Vaughns one and only TD for 2006, Damn the Holding!!!

Was it called back?

I had the tv on and heard the anouncer call the TD but did not hear that it was called back!

I remember Jason Armstead had an amazinf diving TD against The Blue Bombers?(not sure) Where KJ threw it up and he just dove for it... Brilliant, but Milt TD definately should have been #1

milts shoulda been number one. the first td for srmstrong with the bombers against the alouettes was really nice to. a nice dive at the ball to the sidelines under tight coverage and barely kept the feet in bounds.

Ro, can you post a link with that top ten? :wink:

#1 should have been Milts catch!

Typical CBC, :roll: :roll: shouldn’t be surprised. :roll: :roll:

Well, you must define what is a "Top TD"...

Milt's TD was not a particularly beautiful TD. It was just a long play on which the defense was burned. Nice, but not top.

If you're talking about drama, then yeah Milt's was the Top TD of the year, because it made the balls of thousands of Eskimos fans dry in a flas. And that is one priceless event.

So what is a Top TD?

A top TD. an amazing play for a td that people around the league will remember for the skill level of the play and the effect it has on the outcome of the game.

Sorry T&T

I wasent recording the pre-game show so I cant post it!

I guess its all on how you define things.

Memorable? = Milts?
Fantastic? = Armstrongs two point catch?

Makes for good arguments I guess.

...Milts touchdown should rate right up there with the best for a looooong time...Memorable for sure...and prolific as well....makes me kinda wonder about the other choice....but i don't know what they were using as the deciding factors....i guess only CBC knows that..... :roll: :roll:

So if Stegall's TD isnt the at the top then what is YOUR choice??

I personally prefer the beauty of the catch(Robert Edwards' backward diving one handed) over the timeliness of it(Milt Stegal's 100 yard no time on the clock) Milts' was a great TD but I don't think anyone said "WOW! What a "great" catch"

Actually, I disagree with you. Stegall's Td was a thing of beauty, not only because of the timing of it, and who they beat with that TD. It was a spectacular play, besides, most of the TD catches they rated were not great catches-- the TD that gave Damon Allen his all-time passing record was in the top 10. So the CBC's criteria is very wide. The only amazing TD catch in there was Edwards' catch against Winnipeg.

Since I did not see the Top ten.. can anyone recap the list?