Top Ten Reasons we watch the CFL

  1. more exciting than Coronation Street :thup:

  2. Eyes cannot take Don Cherry's suits anymore :twisted:

  3. Better than friday night line dancing in Gull Lake, Saskatchewan :lol:

  4. only can afford one t.v. channel and its tsn!

  5. beats listening to Troy Westwood's band in Winnipeg :o

  6. more exciting than protest marching against trees, whales, oil, vinegar, meat, vegetarians, suntan lotion, country music, the beatles, the olympics like they do in Vancouver :smiley:

  7. More exciting laughing at the Argos than visiting the GM plant in Windsor! :roll:

  8. laid off the oil rigs in Calgary so nothing else to do

  9. am a 79 year old widow and attracted to Chris Shultz 8) :?

  10. Better than watching Rod Black commenting on figure skating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink:

A funny story (or two)...

(Don't quote me on the numbers because I can't remember exactly but...)

I was with a friend tonight and he said that his company signed up to purchase a package of Blue Jay tickets for next year - example : 5 pack / 2 tickets for 5 games. It was part of a corporate promotion. They were promised a bonus for signing up. The bonus came in the mail - 2 FREE tickets to the Bills game at the Roger's center.

They must be having a hard time moving those tickets.


True story... Last year, the night before the game against the Dolphins(?), I was in a gas station and someone came in, offering free tickets to whoever wanted them. The local papers said they papered the house. They were right. Based on my friend's story tonight, it sounds like they are trying to do it again this year.