Top Ten June 6, 2004 from Caretaker

How many of us remember the Top Ten list that our Caretaker put in his update from June 6, 2004.

Here it is for your review.

  1. David Letterman's Top Ten Ticat Improvements in 2004.

If you think we should make the Budweiser colder or the hot dogs hotter, or run more screen passes, just keep those suggestions coming, and we'll keep on working to implement the best ones. Just a few that we've crossed off our list so far include:

  1. Communicate with the fans more. (check out every day)
  2. Reduce the number of pigeons.
  3. Paint the Stadium. (thanks to our friends at the City of Hamilton)
  4. Make the washrooms more inviting.
  5. Add some more interesting food choices.
  6. Improve the Cheer-leading squad.
  7. Make it easier to buy a ticket. (courtesy of Sports Obsession and Ticketmaster)
  8. Upgrade the Lite-Brite Video board. (ok, so we had a little help from Dofasco)
  9. Get more fans to come out to the games.

… and the number one improvement implemented so far to Tiger-Cats football in 2004:

  1. Win more than one game. (who would've thought we'd win our first three!)

That's not a bad list, but it's only the beginning…

Well, everything from this list has been accomplished. I think it's time for a new Top Ten.
It's scary to think our number one priority has been to win one game. Considering that we won 3 games last season we basically tripled our expectations. Know wonder the executives have been satisfied with the past few seasons. As mentioned we need a new Top Ten.

Here is my suggestion for the NEW Top Ten:
10. Let's see more of TC. Stripes was just a bad idea.
9. Lose Jason Farr.
8. Kill the fake fan noise.
7. Turn down the volume on the music.
6. Don't paint or make the washrooms more inviting.... I'd rather have a winning team.
5. Compete. Build an attitude with the team that we mean to kick butt in every aspect of the game.
4. Win a minimum of ten games. (That should get us in the playoffs, hopefully)
3. Win the Eastern Semi-final
2. Win the Eastern Final

  1. Win the Grey Cup

I like them all, alhtough I like the loud music.

If they put Jason Farr in the TC suit it would take care of items 9 & 10 above. It would also take care of item 9 in the caretakers list by "killing two birds with one stone" (:

ill have to assume jason farr is our announcer... and he must go.....but everytime i post a topic about that on this forum its deleted

Jason must be a moderator because its obvious the dislike for his performance is universal

I recommend ear plugs when the going get loud I put them in and it works fine. You can still hear everything, just takes the edge off.

Poor Jason, the Mitchell and Taaffe agendas must have run out of steam if they're going after the PA announcer.

Say if 100 things are wrong with the club he would be #98 on the list.

Things I'd like to see in '08...

  1. A return of Pigskin Pete. New guy..same routine. Paul replaced the Wirtz's. The stadium wasn't the same last year without the roaming Pigskin. Bring back this tradition.

  2. Cheerleaders (yes I know we have 'em). MORE of them. I think we have something like 24 when they all show up. Four corners to the stadium...not enough. Hire at least 40. And...when they perform during the games, why is it always to the south side??? More attention to the north side please...we're starting to feel like the get the picture.

  3. FARR away. That guy is/was/will be horrible. Bring back someone with a professional voice to call receptions, carries, etc. Bulldog's new P.A. announcer would be better.

That's it for now.

On a warm summer evening last year I made it down to Ivor Wynne. Beat up on Winnipeg too.

It was refreshing to see the real Pigskin Pete hiking up the stairs to the concourse in the South stands to do a few rogue Whiskey Wee Wee's.

I don’t know about 10, but I have three:

  1. Win more.
  2. Go back to the old logo.
  3. Old uniforms, or specifically gold numbering on the black jerseys.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Never mind the new ones....lets look at the list and see what still needs to be done or stopped:

  1. Has been very silent of late (with exception of one post) in light of Taffe and ticket fiasco

  2. Is improving but needs work --- heck when this came out we had the Howard Stern fiasco

  3. I do not think you can purchase at Sports Obsesson anymore

  4. Attendance and happiness declining

  5. After 4 years still working on getting past 5 games

3 years actually. In 2004 the Ti-Cats were 9-8-1.

Small blip on a very large map.