Top ten favourite players

They are all special in their own right.

Keeping in mind my CFL watching experience is limited to the late 80's and after, and I am extremely biased, obviously.
10. Doug Flutie
9. Henry "Gizmo" Williams
8. Matt Dunnigan
7. Juran Bolden
6. James West
5. Tyrone Jones
4. Charles Roberts
3. Less Browne
2. Greg Battle

  1. Milt Stegall

just for the heck of it, my Top 10 least favourite players. (Still good/talented, probably would have been on the other list, had they worn different colored jerseys, with 1 glaring exception)
10. Alondra Johnson
9. Davis Sanchez
8. Paul Mazotti
7. Jock Climie (respect his talent as a player, can't stand him as a broadcaster)
6. Kelvin Anderson
5. Don Narcise
4. Darrell Mitchell
3. Mike Pringle
2. Kerwin Bell

  1. Ed Phillion

Im sure most of my fellow blue n gold enthusiasts, here have just forgotten him on their lists...

i dont have a top ten i only have 1 fave

Milt Stegall

and 1 least favorite

Davis Sanchez/ whole montreal secondary

Obviously a Ticat-laden list, but here goes:

  1. Troy Davis?
  2. Mike Morreale (though he dropped the ball a lot early in his career)
  3. Julian Radlein (seriously!)
  4. Joe Montford
  5. D.J. Flick
  6. Paul Osbaldiston
  7. Pinball Clemons (I know he's an Argo, but it's hard NOT to like Pinball)
  8. Rob Hitchcock
  9. Darren Flutie.
  10. Danny McManus

9 and 10 were kind of a toss-up. There could be any number of other players put in their place.

Im assuming this is all time not just current players. #1 being favorite
10 Willard Reaves
9 Blake Marshall
8 Rod Hill just googled him and he is now a Great Canadian Superstore manager in Calgary... interesting
7 Rob Murphy
6 Condredge Holloway
5 Dave Dickensen
4 JC Watts
3 Dieter Brock
2 James West
1 Tyrone Jones RIP

Least favorite
Sean Salisbury steak

[ol]- Doug Flutie

  • Jesse Lumsden
  • Tony Gabriel
  • Russ Jackson
  • Johnny Rodgers
  • Michael "Pinball" Clemons
  • Ron Lancaster
  • Damon Allen
  • Dan Kepley
  • Mike O'shea
    ***Honourable mention: Adriano Belli[/ol]
  1. Warren Moon.
  2. Roger Aldag.
  3. Joe Barnes.
  4. Tony Fernandez.
  5. Sambo 42.
  6. Eddie Lowe.
  7. Dan Kepley.
  8. Bobby Jurasin.
  9. Ray Elgaard.
  10. George Reed.......take that, Mike Pringle ya prissy biach.
    1+ Ron Lancaster. Of course.

I'm confused... was there a Tony Fernandez who played football??? Or are you talking about the baseball player??? Are you confused with Mervyn Fernandez???

I'm losin' my mind here!!!!! :? :?

ooops......Swervin Mervyn.......His good friends called him

  1. Merv Fernandez
  2. Doug Flutie
  3. Jackie Parker
  4. Willie Fleming
  5. John Henry White
  6. Rob Murphy
  7. Glen Jackson
  8. Russ Jackson
  9. Lui Passaglia
  10. Leon Bright

1- Mike Pinball Clemons (I dont think there was ever a player who I cheered on more)
2- Warren Moon
3- Matt Dunigan
4- Henri Gizmo Williams
5- Greg Battle
6- Kent Austin
7- Allen Pitts
8- Mike O'Shea
9- Jimmy Jet Cunnigham
10- too many tied at this point :slight_smile: