Top ten favourite players

With apologies to David Letterman, here is my top ten list.

  1. Herm Harrison
  2. Gizmo Williams
  3. Brian Kelly
  4. Tommy Joe Coffey
  5. Danny Bass(thanks again Calgary)
  6. Dan Kepley
  7. Kenny Ploen
  8. Harvey Wylie
  9. Wayne Harris
  10. Jackie Parker
  1. Sam Etcheverry
  2. Terry Evanshen
  3. Milt Stegall
  4. George Dixon
  5. E. A. Sims
  6. Johnny Rogers
  7. Junior Ah You
  8. Garney Henley
  9. Hal Patterson
  10. Sonny Wade

Well, there's always going to be a large bias toward your favourite team in lists like this, so mine is no different. That being said, a few of my favs are from other teams:

10)Joe Montford
9)Gizmo Williams
8 )Darren Flutie
7)Lui Passaglia
6)Ben Zambiasi
5)Bobby Jurasin
4)Earl Winfield
3)Less Browne
2)Rocky DiPietro
1)Grover Covington

  1. George Reed

  2. Ron Lancaster
    8.Russ Jackson

  3. Hal Patterson

  4. Ken (doc) Nielsen

  5. Willie Flemming

  6. Frank Rigney

  7. Herb Grey

  8. Kenny Ploen

  9. Leo lewis

    no bias on my top three lol lol......if it were top 20 ...would've been a little easier....there's been so many great ones over the years.... :thup:

I'm actually shocked to see a Cats fan without Garney Henley at the top or at least on their list(could be showing my and your ages here), I would have put him at 11 on my list.

....yikes......i totally forgot Milt to slot him at no 2. and bump everyone else down....i'll have to have a top 11 i guess... :oops:

Too young to know Garney Henley, but he's easily my Dad's all-time favourite player. I heard he was a class act and a great player all around.

Your dad has good taste, Henley was one of the classiest players in the league.

  1. Joe Kapp
  2. Bill Baker
  3. Hec Pothier
  4. George Reed
  5. Tommy Joe Coffee
  6. George McGowan
  7. Dan Kepley
  8. Garney Henley
  9. Joe Zuger
  10. Warren Moon

He might have been before my time, but who's Hec Pothier? I know everyone else on that list except him.

He was an o-lineman.

  1. Tony Rice
  2. Billy Johnson
  3. Vince Ferregamo
  4. Dexter Manley
  5. Andre Rison
  6. Kevin Feterik
  7. Prince Wembley III
  8. Wayne McGarrity
  9. Charles Rogers
  10. Darrel Robertson

Wow, I thought I was the only person who remembers Prince Wimbley III. Hamilton's top receiver in 1997!

  1. Tom Clements
  2. Garney Henley
  3. Vince Scott
  4. Dave Raimey
  5. Hal Patterson
  6. Terry Evanshen
  7. Russ Jackson
  8. Ron Lancaster
  9. George Reed
  10. Ken Ploen

And honourable mention to Vernon Pahl, last notable graduate of the now-defunct UPEI football program...I taught him there once (not in football obviously).

Must be a conspiracy here somehow............why do rabid Bomber fans keep omitting Milt Stegall?????

  1. Bob Cameron
  2. Ben Zambiasi
  3. Zenon Andrusyshyn
  4. Joe Poplawski
  5. Steve Mazurak
  6. Peter Dalla Riva
  7. Bobby Jurasin
  8. Willie Burden
  9. George Reed
  10. Ron Lancaster
  1. Carl Coulter
  2. Anthony Calvillo
  3. Gizmo Williams
  4. Mike Pringle
  5. Allen Pitts
  6. Ben Cahoon
  7. Darren Flutie
  8. Doug Flutie
  9. Eric Lapointe
  10. Joe Montford

Honourable mention, Kerwin Bell :lol: .

We follow our papa...he has seen the Promised Land, with Mike Kelly holding the Grey Cup :wink:

Actually I deliberately stuck to the Golden Age when I watched a lot more football than I can now...if someone wants to start a list of Ten Best, instead of Ten Favourites, part of my list would get a rethink. Not #1 of course...

My biggest gripe against Ralph Sazio was the way he played Henley on defence all those years, when he could have been an all-time great receiver.

Maybe because this is favorite players and not greatest players and Milt may not have been the most congenial of players all the time.

Kevin Feterik? I second that!!! HOF bound for sure! LOL