Top Ten CIS Canadians for 2009 CFL Draft

Here is a link to a list of the top ten CIS Canadians eligible for the 2009 CFL Draft as of Sep 23/08. The list will apparently be updated prior to the Vanier Cup.

[url=] ... 80242.aspx[/url]

A little more detail on the top 10 guys.

They have one player listed as a slot back and being comparable to Glen Suitor who I thought was a safety???

What does it matter. Look at the Canadian draft list from 2008, pretty thin in talent. How many of the top 30 are even playing as back ups.

First Round

  1. Hamilton, Dylan Barker, S, Saskatchewan;
  2. Calgary (via Edmonton), Dimitri Tsoumpas, OG, Weber State;
  3. Calgary, Jesse Newman, OT, Louisiana-Lafayette;
  4. Saskatchewan (via Toronto), Keith Shologan, DL, Central Florida;
  5. B.C., Justin Sorensen, OT, South Carolina;
  6. Winnipeg, Brendon LaBatte, OL, Regina;
  7. Montreal (via Saskatchewan), Shea Emry, LB, UBC;
  8. Hamilton (via Montreal forfeit), Sam Giguere, WR, Sherbrooke.
    Second Round
  9. B.C. (via Hamilton), Rolly Lumbala, RB, Idaho ;
  10. Saskatchewan (via Edmonton via Toronto via Edmonton), Jonathan St-Pierre, OL, Illinois State;
  11. Edmonton (via Calgary), Greg Wojt, OL, Central Michigan;
  12. Montreal, Andrew Woodruff, OL, Boise State;
  13. Toronto, Mike Bradwell, WR, McMaster;
  14. Saskatchewan (via B.C.), Michael Stadnyk, DL, Montana;
  15. Winnipeg, Aaron Hargreaves, WR, Simon Fraser;
  16. Calgary, (via Edmonton via Saskatchewan), Fernand Kashama, DL, Western Michigan..
    Third Round
  17. Hamilton, Michael Giffin, RB, Queen's;
  18. B.C. (via Edmonton), Justin Shaw, DL, Manitoba;
  19. Edmonton (via Calgary), Tim St-Pierre, LB, Saint Mary's;
  20. B.C. (via Saskatchewan via Montreal), Jason Arakgi, LB, McMaster;
  21. Toronto, Jean-Nicolas Carriere, LB, McGill;
  22. B.C., Mike McEachern, LB, Western Illinois;
  23. Edmonton (via B.C. via Winnipeg), Justin Cooper, DL, Manitoba;
  24. Winnipeg (via Edmonton, via Saskatchewan), Darryl Stephenson, RB, Windsor.
    Fourth Round
  25. Edmonton (via Hamilton), Sammy Okpro, DB, Concordia;
  26. Edmonton, Jonathan Hood, DB, St. Francis Xavier;
  27. Calgary, Ronald Hilaire, DL, Buffalo;
  28. Montreal, Terence Firr, WR, Manitoba;
  29. Toronto, Delroy Clarke, DB, Ottawa;
  30. Saskatchewan (via B.C.)Jean-Francois Morin-Roberge, OL, Montreal, ;

At least 13 of the top 30 players are still in university.Three of the top six players chosen are starters in the CFL.Six of the top 30 are big contributors on special teams.I'd say the 2008 draft class was very good and has the potential to be outstanding.As a Cat fan I'm looking forward to seeing the top runners in the CIS(Giffin and Lee) in our backfield next year.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Interesting, but typical list of players.

One thing to note, in the first two rounds last year, if I counted correctly, only 6 of the 20 players were chosen from Canadian Schools, so this should not be considered a full list of prospective draft choices.

I really think we should be looking to draft traditional Canadian players. IMO, that means looking primarily at O-Lineman, and D-Lineman. After that, we may want to consider looking at a punter, a linebacker, and possibly a receiver to try and find a diamond in the rough. Quite frankly, I don't think you can ever draft enough Canadian O-Lineman, and this team needs to look more to Free Agency then the draft if it wants to improve. I'd trade every pick we have for two bonefide starters.


Agreed. The draft hasn't been kind to us. If you have time to develop these draft picks, like Montreal, then yes, the draft works for them. For us, who are trying to win now and not develop anymore, the draft is a waste because most of the guys you draft won't be here in 2 years and sometimes it takes forever to get them into a starter or contributors role.

Here is the link to an update on the top 15 ranked CIS football players eligible for the 2009 CFL Draft:

[url=] ... lines_main[/url]

Hense why we aren't like Montreal. We are always worried about the now and rarely planning for the future.