Top Ten Canadians In The CFL as per TSN analysts

I was just watching the CFL preview show and I want to say two things pissed me off about that show.

First was Duane Forde's interview with Jesse Lumsden. Duane asked Jesse who he thought the best canadians were in the league, and right of the hop he mentioned Brent Johnson. Which is fine but no where did he mention Ticats own threat off the corner Nautyn McKay-Loescher. If Hamilton is to succeed this yr they need to start recognizing the talent that they have around them.

Second was they actually compiled a top ten canadians list for the CFL. I cannot believe Nautyn McKay-Loescher was not on that list. With the campaign he had last yr he deserves to be somewhere on the list, where is up for debate.

I am going to say it here and now, Nautyn will lead the CFL in sacks this yr!!! and Hamilton will win the Grey Cup!!!

Well I think it is modesty and political correctness. Jesse probably wanted to mention himself, but of course that's not proper :lol: . I think some consider it arrogant to mention yourself or your team mates in questions like that. Only outsiders are allowed to recognize your talent. Silly, but it's true. Not being recognized goes witht he territory of being last place team I think. Look at Moreno, not even being mentioned on anyone's short list for defensive player of the year. The Cats will get respect this year if they have to claw it away from everyone of their detractors. So don't worry. Winning the cup, hopefully, but making a competitive season is enough to stop people from kicking our team around any longer.

in fairness, the TO sun was all about calling Moreno an all star. repeatedly.

"all star, zeke moreno" "the allstar middle linebacker for the cats" etc etc...

NML is NOT a top 10 Canadian. He's hasn't proved anything yet until he does I'm fine with the list.

^^^^ Mcay deserves to be ahead of Belli

I did'nt get to see the show so who was on the top ten list that TSN posted?

from what I remember

1 Brent Johnson
2 Clermont
3 Lumsden
4 Doug Brown
7 or 8 Belli

Ya, me neither. I'm curious to know who's on the list.

Also, I assume that Clermont is number 1.

Sandro DeAngelis from Calgary was on the list. #9 I think.

No Fantuz on the list I remember as well.

There was a Canadian OT playing for Winnipeg I think that was on the list...can't remember his name.

^^^^ Fantuz must have been on the list.

The OT’s name is Gautier.

I really like NML but he is not one of he ten best Canadians in the league. Not yet anyway. And love him or hate him, Belli is the guy who Stubler said stirred the drink as far as his league leading D was concerned. He can be a jerk but he can play.

I'm fine with the list.

An Argo-Cat fan

Agree barney. Excellent Canadians in the CFL without a doubt though! Brent Johnson, that guy can play big time.

Johnson was number one. Jesse said it was the first guy he thought of.

top ten canadians from duane forde and jesse lumsdens part of the show last night:

  1. brent johnson (bc)
  2. jason clermont (bc)
  3. jesse lumsden (ham)
  4. kevin eiben (tor)
  5. doug brown (wpg)
  6. andy fantuz (ssk)
  7. alex gauthier (wpg)
  8. adriana belli (tor)
  9. ben cahoon (mtl)
  10. sandro deangelis (cgy)

Johnson and Cahoon are 1a and 1b in my books.

You can even change the order if you'd like, but for my money...I'd take Cahoon. Best hands since Scott Collie.

davis sanchez deserved consideration for this list IMO.

NML is not worthy of replacing any of the above named.
I take our own Hage over NML.

I can also think of quite a few I would take over Sandro as well.

ok this is moi's list:

1 Doug Brown
2 B Johnson
3 Lumsden
4 Clermont
5 Fantuz
6 Gautier
7 Cahoon
8 Boulley
9 Sanchez
10 Eiben

Boulay is in the Jets' camp, I believe.

How can you take Hage over McKay? That is just plain ridiculous.
NML is the anchor of the D-Line. Its because of him the D-line gets any credit.