Top Searched Sports Teams in Canada 2012

No CFL teams made the list? Were they even included? Montreal Impact made the list?

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The original story came from the Winnipeg Sun and they never claimed these were exclusively Canadian googles, only the most googled Canadian teams.

I highly doubt Phelps or James were in the top 10 most googled athletes in Canada but if you included the U.S. or world, then it would make sense. If they did a list of Canadian's most googled teams, there'd probably be some CFL teams and more Canadian athletes make the list.

Another factor is the Sun newspaper chain is owned by a Quebec company, so that' could be why the Impact snuck onto the list somehow. :roll:

There is also no way to verify the accuracy or validity of this list. Google is a private company, and for all we know they may be seeding the list to promote teams and athletes who advertise or are linked with their company.

But why does it matter? If a CFL team made the top 10 you wouldn't be questioning the validity of the most googled teams.
The "Impact" are the only team in Quebec and they seem to be pretty popular. The Impact averaged over 22,000 and they do play twice as many home games, plus the exhibitions against the international teams.
They seem to be a pretty good marketing team and do clinics all over Quebec.

Top athlete searches (not limited to Canadians) didn't include Sharapova? I'm thinking there's something wrong with their data. :wink:

I can see all the NHL teams, the Blue Jays (crazy off season), and the Impact (inaugural season), being there. But the Raptors seems off to me

It's hard to average over 22,000 when the stadium only hold 20,521. That 22,000 average is counting games played at the big O. They got a huge number over 50,000 when LA came to town, but once they moved into their own place, they only sold out 1 Game. They had crowds of 12,000 for Houston, 14,000 for TFC, 12,000 for Kansas city, 15,000 for columbus and 15,000 for New England. Crowds like that hardly seem to make your point that the impact is the popular team in quebec. Also have you seen the TV ratings for the impact, there almost non existing

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Actually, these are Canadian trends as reported by Google. I find their choice of categories a bit odd - top Canadian sports teams, top Canadian Olympians, top athletes from any country.

I checked this link and frankly I don’t believe it. It must be some meld of international and Canadian searches. I don’t believe that Michael Phelps is the 3rd most searched athlete in Canada or MARTA is the 10th most searched athlete (that stands for Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Association.) Take these contrived lists with a grain of yankee salt and draw no conclusions.

Guess which company owns THE SCORE?

The CFL has the most teams of any pro sport league in Canada which is far more important that Google searches I would say for any particular team in whatever league. A Google search is not a paying bum in a seat for a game. And yes, Impact should be selling out all their games with it being rated by Google searches as such and if it weren't for the Big O game with the "Beckham factor", much lower with attendance.

Their first two games including there first ever were played at the BIG O where they drew record breaking crowds for soccer in Quebec as well as in Canada I believe which would for sure to be a average booster.

Perhaps a better way to find the true attendance for facts for a usual attendance of a Impact game would to be to use the Mathmatical statistic of the Median.