Top rookies?

Many excellent rookies this season. Who would you pick as top rookie of the year?

Stefan Logan, Weston Dressler, Calgary's 2 O-lineman, pretty good crop this year.

also Romby Bryant has been pretty good

I'd toss in AJ Harris and Tristan Jackson for Edmonton, but I don't know if I consider them the best rookies right now.

I thought he was ineligible due to playing in the NFL previously? I know Campbell on the Eskimo's is not eligible.

My vote goes to Logan or Dressler.

I'd go with those two also. ^^^^^

Logan and Dressler have been the top two. It'll be tough to choose between them. I guess we'll see how they do the rest of the season.

without a doubt.

I dont know if Logan is eligible. I know that if he “PLAYED” in the NFL he would not be, but he was on a practise roster

None of the NFL sites have any game stats listed for Logan so I assume he never actually played.

he hasent, its the practise roster that makes me wonder if he is eligable

Just to name a few more Lobendahn, Amos probably don't have a chance at the award but they are some top rookies this year.

Labatte just another good rookie. This has been a good year for the CFL for young players anyways.

I was just looking into it, and it's the same with AJ Harris. he went with a couple NFL teams, but he never made by past pre-season. But he did apparently play for an NFL Europe team. Would that take him out of contention?

At least we still have Tristan Jackson.

prechea rodriguez (sp??) has been good too. I take Dressler though

according to Romby Bryant is not eligible.

i would take Prechea Rodriguez as rookie of the year (i guess i maybe a little biased)

a lot of people are saying Dressler but PR's stats are much better.

Dressler: 38 catches for 790 yards and 5 TD's

Rodriguez: 50 catches for 820 yards and 6 TD's

but i guess when you include Dressler's punt/kick/miss fg/ return stats he gets the advantage.

Either way it should definately be Prechae Rodriguez from the east up against Weston Dressler from the West.

Dressler also has a better average... 20.8-16.4.

man Labatte has been a machine look at the pressure glenn was under when he was out

Pick your candidate and winners

B.C. Lions

Jason Arakgi LB McMaster
Donald Brown DB Wingate
Brady Browne DB Manitoba
Zac Champion QB Louisiana Tech
Jeremy Gibbs DL Oregon
Stefan Logan RB South Dakota
Rolly Lumbala FB Idaho
Dan McCullough LS Bishop's
Rufus Skillern WR San Jose ST.


Jabari Arthur WR Akron
Milton Collins DB Mississippi
Charleston Hughes DL Northwood
Funtaine Hunter DL Vanderbilt
Jesse Newman OL Louisiana Lafayette
Tim O'Neill OL Calgary
Keon Raymond DB Middle Tennessee St.
Lemarcus Rowell DL Jacksonville St.
Juwan Simpson DL Alabama
Brandon Smith DB Sacramento St.
Demetris Summers RB South Carolina
Dimitri Tsoumpas OL Weber St. picking two cause I have no idea which of these guys are better.
Reggie Williams WR Louisiana St.


Joe Anoai DL Georgia Tech
Kevin Challenger WR Boston College
Tyler Clutts DL Fresno St.
Justin Cooper DL Manitoba
Omowale Dada DB Washington St.
Tristan Jackson DB Central Arkansas
Sammy Okpro DB Concordia
Greg Prator WR Washington St.
Darrell Robertson DL Georgia Tech
Bradley Robinson DB Middle Tennessee St.
Tim St. Pierre LB St. Mary's
Pierre-Luc Yao RB Laval


Eddie Cohen WR Western Carolina
Gerald Davis OL Valdosta St.
Adam Kania DL St. Francis Xavier
Nick Kordic DB Western
Dominic Lewis DL Kentucky
Jordan Matechuk LB Winnipeg Rifles Jr.
Scott Mitchell WR Kentucky
Robert Pavlovic FB South Carolina
Jordan Rempel OL Saskatchewan
Prechae Rodriguez WR Auburn
Cameron Siskowic LB Illinois St.
Lyle "Tre" Smith RB Auburn
Tyler "Bo" Smith DB Weber St.
Geoff Tisdale DB Pittsburg St.


Donovan Alexander DB North Dakota
Shea Emry LB UBC
Chris Jennings RB Arizona
Rayshaun Kizer DB Walsh
Jermaine McElveen DL Alabama-Birmingham
Chris Smith DB Florida International
Larry Taylor WR Connecticut
Paul Woldu DB Saskatchewan


Rob Bagg WR Queen's
Dek Bake DL Texas Tech
Carl Berman WR Indiana St.
Adarius Bowman WR Oklahoma St.
Weston Dressler WR North Dakota
Stu Foord RB Regina Thunder Jr
Chad Friehauf QB Colorado School of Mines
Denatay Heard DB Stillman College
Brian Hernandez WR Utah
James Patrick DB Stillman College
Keith Shologan DL Central Florida
Gerran Walker WR Lehigh
Seante Williams DL Jacksonville St.


Jean-Nicolas Carriere LB McGill
Delroy Clarke DB Ottawa
Walter Curry DT Albany St.
Adrian Davis DT Concordia
Mark DeWit OL Calgary
Mike Galassi OL Walsh
Claude Harriott DE Pittsburgh
Kenny Heatly CB Bethune-Cookman
Andre Maddox LB North Carolina St.
James Robinson WR Butler County C.C.
Steve Schmidt TE San Diego St.
Tyler Scott WR Western
Ross Weaver OL Air Force

no idea for toronto


Willie Amos DB Nebraska
Marc Beswick DB St. Mary's
Darryl Conrad OL Manitoba
Aaron Hargreaves WR Simon Fraser
Stephen Holness DB Ottawa
Brendan LaBatte OL Regina
Pierre-Luc Labbe LB Sherbrooke
Joe Lobendahn LB Washington
Anthony Maggiacomo LB Wilfrid Laurier
Casey McGahee WR Florida Atlantic
Bryan Randall QB Virginia Tech
Alexis Serna K Oregon St.

I would say S. Logan for the West, and P. Rodriquez in the East. For a player to qualify:
In order for a player to be eligible as a candidate for this award, the player must meet the following criteria:

  1. He had, in the current season, been named to the active roster of a member Club of the Canadian Football League at the time it played in a regular season game; and
  2. He had not:
    a) In any prior season dressed for a member Club of the Canadian Football League at the time it played in a regular season or playoff or championship game;
    -and -
    b) In the current season or in any prior season, dressed for a member Club in the National Football League, at the time it played in a regular season or post-season or championship game.[/i]