top-rated weekend overnight sports ratings

The new ratings II: Both brands of football score
When BBM launched its people meters rating system in Canada earlier this month, the claim was that it would be more accurate. According to BBM, the pager-like devices strapped to 9,000 Canadians will provide a more realistic picture of who's watching what than the old set-top boxes for a variety of reasons. One is that all those people gathering in sports bars are now being counted.

Nobody really knows how accurate these things are, but the sports-bar explanation appears to have held up. Sunday night's Bears-Packers NFL game scored the highest audience of the weekend, almost hitting the 1 million mark on TSN. The fact the game was also on NBC, whose audience is not counted in Canada, means more than 1 million were watching.

How many more is a pure guess. It could be as much as 1 million more, though that's doubtful because Canadian NFL fans have been accustomed to watching Sunday night games on TSN for more than 20 years so most would tune in to the Canadian channel.

Personally, I believe not that many Canadians were watching on NBC. Monday's NFL game, for example, which was exclusive to TSN in Canada, drew only 932,000 viewers total despite being a better game than Sunday's.

Regardless, both Sunday and Monday nights were big numbers for the NFL, as were the numbers post by the CFL. A dog of a game between Saskatchewan and Winnipeg Sunday afternoon was watched by 872,000, though many may have stuck around to see if the Riders would hit 60 points. And the CFL beat the NFL head-to-head on Sunday afternoon, though only by 1,000 on the early game.

While the belief still lingers that the CFL is a western thing, Friday's Ticats-Argos game just missed the 800,000 mark.

Here are the top-rated weekend overnight sports ratings for English Canada, according to BBM Research. Ratings may change when final data is compiled.

  1. NFL, Bears at Packers, Sunday, TSN: 972,000*

  2. NFL, Bills at Patriots, Monday, TSN: 932,000

  3. CFL, Roughriders at Blue Bombers, Sunday, TSN: 872,000

  4. CFL, Ticats at Argonauts, Friday, TSN: 795,000

  5. CFL. Stampeders at Eskimos, Friday, TSN: 755,000

  6. MLB, Blue Jays at Tigers, Saturday, Sportsnet: 660,000

  7. CFL, Lions at Alouettes, Sunday, TSN: 546,000

  8. NFL, early games, Sunday, CTV: 545,000

  9. Golf, PGA BMW Championship, Global: 463,000

  10. NFL, Chargers at Raiders, Monday, TSN: 460,000

  11. MLB, Blue Jays at Tigers, Friday, Sportsnet: 449,000**

  12. NFL, late games, Sunday, Sportsnet/City: 400,000

  13. Auto racing, NASCAR Rock and Roll, Saturday, TSN: 320,000

  14. Equestrian, Nations Cup, Saturday, CBC: 297,000

  15. Auto racing, F1 Italian Grand Prix, Sunday, TSN: 264,000

  16. NCAA football, USC at Ohio State, Saturday, The Score: 208,000

  • Viewers on NBC not calculated

** Two channels only

nfl wins this weekend but still good numbers for the cfl

  • lookwell

Here are the latest numbers with again the CFL viewership being 1,2, 3 & 5. But the number 5 game being the Als and BC does not have the RDS totals of roughly 300,000 so in actual fact we are going to give the league a clean sweep.
We note the rather strong numbers on the NFL, but they were not going against the CFL yesterday and the novelty factor of just starting up.
Our head to head against the NFL is not even close and wow the late Sask-Winnipeg game smoked all others.
The same will again occur this Sunday.

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You should check those numbers again.
The NFL was 1 and 2 for the weekend.
CFL was strong after that though.
NFL also beat the CFL in their first week last year, so no big deal.
But the CFL was number one the rest of the season.
Looks like though CFL fans are helping boost NFL numbers.
While NFL fans won't watch the CFL. Too Bad.

NFL games normally get ratings in the 250,000 range, but with the new people meters the NFL's now getting 1 million? There must be an awful lot of people with meters going to bars on Sunday. But how does the meter know if you're actually watching the game or if the game just on TV somewhere in a noisy bar?

Also the first 10 minutes of the Sunday 1:00 pm CFL game (Lions vs Als) was disrupted by technical difficulties and viewers only saw a freeze frame. I'm sure many CFL football fans switched over to check out the NFL during those 10 minutes and many perhaps never switched back. Was this CFL broadcasting glitch just a coincidence it coincided precisely with the launch of NFL Sunday? :roll:

Your right berezin, my bad.
Sorry folks.

The HD feed was fine, I switched over to my other TV with HD, and watched the rest of the day in that room.

The original numbers look suspicious to me, those are about double what the normal ratings look like for everything on there, even the Jays game on Sportsnet looks too high.

They're using a different method for figuring out how many people are watching. It's explained in the first couple paragraphs of the original post. To be honest, I'm not sure I like this new method...

It's also going to count if friends come over to watch at your house, for example.

The old method was pretty flawed. The new one likely has problems too (this is sampling, after all), but I don't think its worse.

While its true the old method did not count bar-going viewers, I'm curious how they differentiate between people in a bar that happens to be playing the NFL and people who are just going for a beer?

The NFL's profile and number of games per week keep it on the tube in sports bars much longer than CFL games.

I think it's a flawed system, if there's a hockey game on 1 TV and an NFL game on another TV, does every single patron count toward both games?

Looks like though CFL fans are helping boost NFL numbers.

Excellent point berezin and another reason numbers don't mean as much as they look up front. And I repeat like an old record the quality of the CFL viewership for people actually watching the games with meaning is higher than for NFL where a lot is buddies getting together to do the "in" thing and see if they win money on the games with gambling, not nearly as much of that lower type of viewership for CFL games where people, I think, are watching to see who wins because it's their team in their country, gambling not involved as much or the "in" thing to do. Qualitative viewership is very important but not captured in quantitative numbers as we see all the time.

Yes that's exactly why the CFL games have and will continue to be televised in the fall on Sunday.
Up against the No Funners and which we smoke every week.
When there are no CFL games, I guess some people do have to get their "football fix" elsewhere. This scenario only works the one way and really not much in reverse.

ANy guess why the BC/Montreal game was so low? Time of kickoff?

Montreal games always show up low as a lot of people from Quebec watch it on RDS and those numbers don't reflect into the final numbers. Overall they are comparable or even higher than most other games, but it's split between TSN and RDS.

RDS numbers not included?

could someone explain how the new method calculates how many people are watching at a bar, or watching at a friends house?

I don't get it either unless they know the capacity of each bar where one of these gizmos is located.
Sounds suspicious to me?