Top Quarterbacks


Here is the accurate ranking of quarterbacks thus far in our beloved CFL season:

  1. Darian Durrant- Headed to the MOP award again. Poise, and takes care of the football. Leading the Riders to an undefeated season. Can run as well which drives defences insane.

  2. Ricky Ray- older but can dissect a defence better than anyone. Does not go for the big play enough.

  3. Travis Lulay- younger than the above. Smart, and a good leader. Still refining his game. Mobile

  4. Anthony C.- a relic from prehistoric times. Father time caught up with him this year. Sad to see him struggle as he has had an admirable career. :cry: :cry: :cry:

  5. Henry Burris- can light it up but inconsistency has always hurt Henry's success. Will miss Cortez's offensive schemes in Hamilton.

  6. Buck Pierce- tough competitor who sadly is injury prone time and time again. Will not be able to walk around a golf course at 40.

  7. Mike Reilly- new kid on the block who has potential but way too early to tell.

  8. Kevin Glen / Drew Tate- Best back up in Glen. Tate is a younger Buck Pierce who will get injured again and again.

  9. Ottawa- Daniel Alfredson --- oops :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Ottawa should put guest politicians in at QB every game, and then have the O-Line get distracted and have the entire D-Line sack them.

Guaranteed sellout every game.

Can you remind us when he won this before?

And didn't you say this exact thing last year after ONLY 3 weeks?

TSN probably had an online poll, which of course would reveal that the top 40 players in the league all play for Saskatchewan. Meanwhile, Durant has won the MOP for the 2017 season.

Oh yeah, and Weston Dressler lining up for a play in week 2 is the play of the year.