Top QB's - ThrowBacks

1. Warren Moon
2. Walt DeWalt
3. Doug Flutie
4. Tracy Ham
5. Joe Thiesmann
6. Danny Barrett
7. Jeff GaYcia
8. Matt Dunigan
9. Kent Austin
10. Tom Clements

Hmmmm..........ever heard of Ron Lancaster, Russ Jackson, Bernie Faloney and Sam Etcheverry??

OOps, guess I'm dating myself.

how about Kenny Ploen,Peter Liske,Joe Kapp,Jackie Parker,....pretty select group.......oh no I kind of made an oops myself there; MadJack..... :lol:

I can't believe you would list Kent Austin ahead of Tom Clements.

Actually, I can't believe you would list Kent Austin at all...and miss the ones these others have mentioned.

And I understand the joke regarding #7...but you do know that #2 is Roy DeWalt, right? And the fact that you would list him ahead of Doug Flutie, well,...

Roy is meant, thanks for catching that. And yes I have ROY ahead of flutie based on ability. I also should have listed Holloway from Toronto on the list.

We could keep this going forever.........

How about Sonny Wade?


I remember when the great WR's in the CFL use to wear numbers in the 70's. Edmonton use to have several that wore jersey numbers in the 70's and so did the Bombers.

Whatever happened to this trend?

Everyone forgot about Dieter Brock

This'll get the oldies going.
My personal fave, Tracy Ham thats when I started understanding the game.

Geeeezzzzzzz, I thought I was old. :lol: Just kidding you MadJack.

How bout adding Tom Wilkinson and Bruce Lemmerman to that list. If Danny Barrett makes the list, these two should also.


Tom Wilkinson and Bruce Lemmerman were Esks QB before Moon came onto the scene. Moon was the backup QB to Wilky before becoming the starter and I believe Lemmerman retirerd shortly after Moon’s arrival. This would have been in the early 1970’s.

Making gay jokes about a guy who got himself a playmate of the year shows only one thing: jealousy.

Is Damon Allen eligable to be on the list, becouse if he is he would be on my list, or do you have to be retired?