Top QB's in CFL

1. Printers
2. Dickenson
3. Calvillo
4. Burris
5. Joseph

I don't agree with Burris, nor Bishop but will go with Printers, Dickenson, McManus, and Calvillo. I really can't say a lot about Joseph as the team did so badly last year, and Joseph was ok for the first few games, just like Calgary was, but it went downhilll after that. Joseph suffered injuries and was not able to work through them, when he did recover he was flat. I wouldn't put him as the top or elite QB and I think he could struggle this year even without injury.

1. Printers
2. Dickenson
3. Calvillo
4. Burris
5. Joseph

  1. Calvillo
  2. Printers
  3. Burris
  4. Dickenson
  5. STANLEY JACKSON!! (Just joking.. but makes more sense than Bishop for gawd's sake)
  1. calvillo
  2. dickenson
  3. joseph
  4. allen
  5. hopefully wynn for the blue and gold's sake

Based on last year:


Predictions for '05:

Printers will lead the pack again
McManus (but I won't defend that one)

  1. Printers
  2. Dickenson
  3. Calvillo
  4. Joesph
  5. Grenne

Also I am excited to see what Tee martin can do for Winn.

If we're going off stats as some kind of basis for selection I don't think Printers AND Dickenson are going to go 1-2, you drunk or something?

Printers - what can you say, reigning MVP
Calvillo - Consistency
Allen - Intelligence
Maas - Never seems to be on anyones list, but great numbers
Dickersen - Just gets the job done
Joseph - Great player on a bad team
Greene - I truely believe he is better then burris
Burris - One season Wonder?
Glenn - Always rises to the challenge
Jones - Will see if he still has game

Best of the Rest
McManus - Great in his day but passed his prime
Wynn - electric
Crandell - got to give it to him on experience (and the stamps sideshow)
Banks - Not bad on bad team

Top QB's?

Wow...umm.....forget it.

  1. Printers
  2. Dickenson
  3. Calvillo
  1. ALLEN
  5. MAAS
  6. GLENN
  8. McMANUS
  1. Dickenson (unless you factor in injuries)
  2. Printers
  3. Maas, mostly because I like how he plays
  4. Calvillo
  5. Burris (he would be in the top 3, but he makes too many mental mistakes)
  6. Damon Allen
  7. Khari Jones
8) McManus
  1. Kevin Glenn
  2. Crandell
  3. Neaolon Greene

2.Printers( Not if they play on the same team)
The following are not just based on numbers but, turnovers and leadership are a big factor as well.

...and you've found a quanititve way to measure Leadership?....methinks you are nuts........

Interseting how some someone can throw for 12,000 total yards over 2 consecutive seasons and people will say you are the third best QB in the league :frowning:

....where is Dennis Gile on these lists....he has a fan club you member........DENNISGILEFAN........

This is hilarious.

The first thread had no mention of the best QB in the land.

J-Maas will make you turds eat your "non" words.

BTW, the guy who had Allen as #1 probably had it right. Can't argue with success, ca ya?

The dude who had Nealon Greene ahead of Maas may not have ever seen a football game in the past.


Hey RedandWhite, there are good leaders and not so good leaders. If you didn't know that then there is something wrong with you. A good leader thinks of the team before his own personal stats ie- Damon Allen, Danny McManus,Doug Flutie. And a bad leader thinks of his own success before the good of the teams ie- Kerwin Bell, Michael Bishop. So do you get it now.

Eski-Moses why would Damon Allen be number 1? He had success last year yes but honestly do you think that he will be the best this year hell no. I think that in 2005 those QB's will be the best in the order I have set. How can you argue that there is nothing to argue. And personally I think Nealon is going to have a great season, don't ask me why I just do. He has lots to prove and I think he'll get it done. And I don't think Maas will do as good as last year. I may be wrong but thats just what I think. Losing Terry Vaughn will hurt.