Top QB's in CFL


I know this was posted before Ricky Ray came back, so I'll leave him out of it. I agree with your top 2. Allen's a little too high though. And Bishop is not #4 either. Besides, he's probably done with the CFL anyways, sounds like he's going to stay in the AFL. At three I'd put Calvillo. Allen and Burris are a toss-up. But probably give the nod to Allen, considering he just won his third Grey Cup last year.

Ricky Ray is top. No contest.

The last entry must be an EE fan. I think that it is a toss up between Casey P.
and Ricky Ray. When It comes down to it the two offences will play a huge factor in this one. Ricky did put up good numbers when he was in the CFL last but I think that Casey's numbers were better and he was hurt for most of the season so time will tell I guess who is the best now that they are going head to head this year

(1) Printers and Ray are good in their own strengths. Ray's passing, and Printers scrambling.

(3) Cavillio
(4) Dickenson when he's not injured

I would Have to say Nealon Greene, Ricky Ray,Casey Printers and Damon Allen are the best :slight_smile:

Casey Printers. It’s that simple.

My ranking?

  1. Calvillo
  2. Printers
  3. Dickenson
  4. Ray

Calvillo is first because he is a proven veteran with a Grey Cup to his name. He performs year in and year out. Last year, 6000 yards passing and he made 4 Als receivers hit the 1000-yard mark. He makes receivers' jobs easy. He also calls his own plays, which no other QB in the league does.

Printers is just the total package, an athletic, gifted, smart QB who can scramble effectively and shred defenses with his passing. He has yet to prove that he has staying power, but I'm confident he will.

Dickenson is one of the best pure pocket-passers in the league. Very savvy, lots of experience. It's extremely difficult for defenses to fool him because he's seen so many different looks (CFL & NFL). When healthy, he's as dangerous as any QB in the CFL.

Finally, Ray came out of nowhere to lead the Esks to a Grey Cup appearance in 2002 and a Grey Cup victory in 2003. Cool and collected in the pocket, never gets rattled, has a knack for reading defenses and airing the ball out. If he hasn't gone rusty from holding a clipboard in the NFL, he'll be dynamite this year.

Ricky Ray 4 sure.

so much for printers.

After this year if he doesn't show improvment he will be in the movies making a remake of the movie " working at the car wash inn ". :smiley: :thdn:

Revised after a dose of Reality:

(1) Rickey Ray
(2) Anthony Calvillo
(3) Henry Burris
(4) Buck Pierce
(5) Kevin Glenn
(6) Kerry Joseph
(7) Casey Printers
(8) Who's in Saskatchewan today?

Top QBs this year:
1)Ray & Calvillo (too tough to call)
2)Burris (won't get top spot until he proves he can play consistent for a full season



I think, RAY AND BUCK ARE THE TOP, Im not just saying buck becuase he plays for bc lions, but he is truly a REALLY good qb. And printers is good to, BUT WE DONT WANT HIM BACK ON BC, WE WANT BUCK NOT CASEY.

Burris is having the best season!