Top priority, the O line!

I beleive the major problem with the offense is the offensive line. To some of you that statement might be obvious, but I think it needs explaining.

A lot of people have complained about AC and Bellefeuille and the new offensive system after the first 2 games (a few have also complained about the O line). I have been hard on AC in the past, and it really is easy to fall into the trap of blaming him for everything. AC is the guy people love to hate. I am not saying it is right, but it is the case. I myself thought of blaming him after the first loss, but a closer examination of the Als first 2 games, leads me to beleive it is not AC's fault. These are the reasons why:

I saw 2 Als practices in person during training camp. AC was throwing the ball with authority and lots of zip. No wobbly lame duck passes. Of course, in training camp he knows he will not be hit or tackled. So, this proves that PHYSICALLY, he can still throw the ball with strength and precision. He did not lose his strength in the space of one week!

If you watch the first 2 regular season games, it is clear that the O line has failed miserably. I hate to say it, but it is the truth. Most QBs cannot be succesful without protection. Only running QBs can survive (not thrive) without an O line. AC especially needs a good O line. He is a pure pocket passer. If he has the time, he will find the receiver and perform. A Saskatchewan DB said after their win over the Als "our game plan was to attack AC. Not give him any time. If he has time, he will destroy you". He is correct.

My point is that AC (he wont say it) has lost confidence in his O line. He is rushing his throws because he knows he will be hit. That is why we are seeing bad passes and lame duck wobbly passes.

This is what I think should be done. FRitz cannot cut it. Replace him with Perrett. Perrett could not be any worse. Mudge is not the player he once was. Replace him with Seagraves. Seagraves has apparently worked really hard this winter. He showed up at training camp much stronger and quicker; he impressed Popp. This would mean losing a non import somewhere else. I think we should lose an American RB, and let Seagraves play. Then if possible, try and trade for a guard to replace Lambert.

I know what you are thinking; if we change 2 veterans (Mudge and Fritz) for 2 rookies, they will make mistakes. True, but we already know that with these veterans we cannot win. Put in the young guys. Let them make mistakes at first, let them learn, let the O line "gel" and come together (there are 16 games left!). But the change has to be done quickly!

Until the Als have a solid O line, it will be impossible to judge AC and the new system. IT all starts with the O line.

I would appreciate your opinions.

I totally agree with your post. I'm sad to say it but Fritz and Mudge just don't seem to have what it takes anymore. even if we start of two rookies, it can't really get any worse. after that, we can really evaluate if Calvillo still has it. I love Fritz, I like his chronicles on the als sites but maybe it's time to concentrate on his game... Also, START THE RUNNING GAME!!!! everything was going smoothly last game in the first quarter: 1st and 10, we run. 2nd and 7 or 5 or 3(usually five thanks to Edwards!) is a lot easier for Calvillo. I can't watch him crashing the Als to the ground with his usual 1st and 10... incomplet, 2nd and 10... incomplete and we kick again!!! we have one one the best RB in this league but he's not being used to the extend of hsi capacity(just hoipe he could stop fumbling at goal line, last game, it was a close one)...

Right now, it's clear that cutting Okeke just because we wanted an all-Canadian O-line was a terrible mistake. Fritz has been horrid in the past two games and Mudge hasn't been much better. We'll see how this goes.

I hate when people take the o-line lightly and thats what the Al's did this year. Okeke being cut because he is not Canadian is horrible. I not against having an all Canadian oline, but you don't cut a good lineman like Okeke. The O-line is the most important position in football. If they don't fix the o-line its going to be a long season. Cavillo has no mobility, he needs a good line in front of him.

I agree completley even when calvillo wasnt sacked there were always 1-2 players in his face almost immediately and fritz and mudge just cant cut it they are pushing players into Calvillo. While I doubt Okeke wouldve been much better at his age we should go with two other players at tackle they cant possibly do any worse. 14 sacks in 2 games is absurd. Calvillo would do way better if he has a bit more time to throw the ball and the receivers have more time to get open.

If the offense can stay on the field for more than 2 downs our defence would improve considerably as well and they are already quite good