Top performers of the week

Bo Levi Mitchell, Kamar Jorden, J’Gared Davis

Amazing to see, all 3 from the same team. The Calgary Stampeders.
BLM is starting to catch fire and Kamar Jorden is becoming the premiere ball catcher in Canada.

I am guessing that this week, at least 2 players will be ticats.

I don’t see this posted on the CFL website.
It usually comes out on Tuesday.

What is your official source for this?

heh heh heh

A very delusional version of top performers of the week. Apparently you didn’t watch the game but Calgary only scored 23 points and Michel only completed 53% of his passes. Hardly catching fire.

Thanks for the link.

I didn't realize this was a reference to last week's games.

....apparently you missed the posted date

WSG is getting a reputation for being such a complete homer, people are jumping at it his posts, even though in this case he made a straight forward post about the Stampeders sweeping the awards last week.

…agreed, take a step back and cool down before launching into something maybe…I blame FYB, troublemaker…

Yep. I did. Sorry about that.

…no problemo…

gee. I was trying not to start a duplicate thread. sheesh damned if you do....

I only speak the truth friends,
about half the people like the truth and half the people don’t got trouble written all over you...

heh heh

My guess is Marc Trestman wishes his receiver Duron Carter was a top performer of the week. :-*

Marc, maybe this coming week? :-*

Now this is more like it . Ti-Cats sweep Top performers of the week Awards , Labour Day weekend edition . :slight_smile: 8)Congrats to Speedy , Luke and Jeremiah on a job well done . 8)

What? I actually thought you were joking there for a second.

Back to back sweeps for one team…that’s just crazy…