Top of the Depth Chart: Saskatchewan Roughriders

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are coming into 2023 with an entirely new offence.

Quarterback, receivers, offensive line, offensive coordinator are all being changed over from last year’s disappointing six win season.

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Without an established receiving core, winning WPG/EDM are dream this season. Tow of the listed 4 above are coming out of injury hit season. Other two are not front runners last season. Schaffer-Baker is on surgery. This put pressure on the existing core and RBs.
Not sure how coaches are setting priority. Coaches coming new are trying to prove themselves for a reason. Feel this season SSK could win probably 6 games… or 7?

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The top 4 receivers share total 5 TDs last season :person_facepalming:

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Nothing here I didn’t already know as usual.

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Walker & Wienke will put up some nice yard totals early as they’ll be getting the bulk of the targets. But are either of them #1 receivers at this point? I have some concerns with Micah & Dean both mid 30’s. Definitely a dropoff from Sankey & Marino production wise. And with new coaches on the offensive side IMO they will struggle, Trevor Harris notwithstanding. Have to agree with your comments. :smiley:

Horror story coming up

The oline depth chart is wrong. They’ll start Ferland at guard and Phillip Blake at right tackle.

They’ll also play Alford more in the slots and will be a run heavy team.

Any time some thing is entirely new, means it will be difficult and unproven . Fortunately, Calgary, Edmonton, BC are more or less not much different.

I beg to differ when it comes to the cow town team … they have perpetually had depth for quite some time. I would second guess every GM and coach in the CFL EXCEPT that crew in Cowtown