Top of the Depth Chart: Ottawa REDBLACKS

You can feel the season inching closer to starting, can’t you? Especially with the 2023 CFL Draft just over two weeks away.

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Guy doesn't mention Justin Hardy or Lamar Durant. Also think Milancovic Litre and Bennett will be used a lot in the run game

Yeah - that guy is missing a bunch in his report IMO.

Hardy - with multiple years of NFL roster time & production - looked like a very solid receiver late last season for Ottawa IMO - like to see what he could do in a full season and targeted lots. Durant might be able to regain his previous best CFL form, but I wouldn’t count on it and he could get cut there. Maybe Behar & T. Smith are the 2 starting Nationals in the 5 pack, but I hope they are open to lots of honest TC competition for all 5 spots (not sold on that former Rider Evans’ hands or attitude; but at least hopefully Darvin Adams with his weak hands is out?) Very doubtful Dedmon is a full-time receiver IMO; save him for all kick return duties and maybe a few special package plays on O.

Could be a RB by committee type situation? Williams was only so-so last season IMO and is a small back, but still could be decent in a platoon - M-Litre is a big power back with quick feet, and Bennett showed some stuff too. Can’t see one of these guys as a 200 carries a season type, but maybe a smart mix would work well. They have a new import RB or two for TC perhaps and I’d draft a guy like Keon Edwards (likely available in the late rounds after his Combine 5 second forty) and give him a real shot, but that would take some vision by the GM & HC. Again open competition, but a platoon system with 2 to 3 guys could work.

Did I miss something? Where is Lewis Ward as kicker? He signed a 2 year contract in December. Don’t think Leone will be handling both jobs.

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Ward will be there; him with Leone + Dedmon = best special teams unit in the league IMO

If Masoli is the best qb in the east that doesn't say much for the rest of them. Annually most overrated tsn favorite maybe.

Yeah well, not much of a surprise when you consider who wrote the article. They could hire some kid off the street that would be as much use as this guy.