Top of the Depth Chart: Calgary Stampeders

As the 2023 CFL season lingers just around the corner, there’s arguably no team experiencing a more significant turning of the page than the Calgary Stampeders.

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I like the Stamps. Their OL was easily the best in the league last year. Their front 7 is top notch & nobody over 30. The run game also was by far the best in the CFL with 3 backs all averaging over 6 yds/game.

Maier only has 9 starts but I trust that Dickensen & Hufnagel know how to judge QB's. Lost some players but did a VG job replacing them. Not as deep as BC, Edm or Wpg @ receiver but the top 2 are top notch. Gotta think they're in the mix for top spot.

Wow a headlining Stampeder article on here. there's a surprise.

It's that defense that has me worried. Once all those new players figure each other out it might be curtains for the rest of us. :grimacing:

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That can change they have several new receivers coming in.

Mandy Alonso is a new guy to watch he gets in the back field very quickly and has a great push on the offensive line

All it takes is one Dalton Schoen.

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Yes he is a gem

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And a bargain (Hufnagel's favorite word) gem to boot. We'll probably lose him next year when some needy team with deeper pockets outbids us for his services. I wouldn't be one bit surprised if the Stamps reel in a keeper at WR of their own this spring.

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Talent is not Calgary’s problem
As long as dick head is in town the stamps are going nowhere

Well everyone has a right to have an opinion. I think half way thru the season those opinions will be back tracking or might even go dark. LOL

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No coaching is not a problem the problem is Huff and now Dickenson brings in great players year after year the other 8 teams use free agency to cherry pick each year.

maxx 9 new receivers not including the three new Canadians. Plus a 6.2 QB mobile and a very quick release. Good arm strength Jake will be looking over his shoulder. They have some very quick on the ball defensive front four depth. Several new DB’s as well Huff and Dic went shopping this winter.

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Historically when GM Hufnagel creaks open that moth-filled wallet of his it’s bad news for the rest of us. This only happens ONCE every few years… and when it does the Stamps turn into real bad asses. IMHO it’s only a matter of time before this unexpected infusion of talent goes on the attack. In week 5 when your guys come here to face the team they haven’t beaten since that meaningless 2021 finale… our aging vets will have their hands full.

Should be a hoot to watch. :smiley: :+1: