Top Import Prospects

I’ve been unable to keep up with the CFL since the end of the 2005 season. I’m trying to get back up to speed on the CFL. One of the areas about the CFL I want to get up to speed on are who are the top import prospects that the CFL teams are interested in.

Teams usually don't divulge the identity of imports who interest them, because every other team could snatch them off the market before them (as no import can be drafted in the CFL).

Each team has a list of negociation which can hold up to 35 names (BigDave, is that the right number?). When an import is added to that list, he can not discuss with other teams before going through that one first.

These lists are not secret, but I don't think they are published anywhere.

it's likly either 36 or 42 players by now.


He has no idea

They have added more spots with the new cap I would think. That's an idea, an assumption, but still an idea.

I know that. The roster expanded from 40 to 46 spots, and the practice roster can now hold 7 names, up from 6.

But just why would an increase of roster spots have any impact on the negociation list? Makes no sense. Let's say you hire 6 guys from your negociation list to fill the 6 new spots, that leaves enough room on your list to add 6 new names. Do you really need more than 35 guys on such a list?

I would think that the number of players on your neg list is more a factor of the number of teams in the league than the number of roster spots.

well the top import is probally reggie bush, but i have a feeling he is probally gonna be drafted to the nfl :lol: :lol:. more realisticly(?) though, some good qb's are brad smith from Mizzou and reggie mcneil from texas a&m. both guys are kinda like micheal vick. very good, just did not have good players around them to showcase their skills.

I'll guarantee Bush is on someone's neg list. Frankly, I'd avoid him, just because of his name...:oops:

(You may take that as a dirty joke, or a political's up to you.)

Reggie bush>>>>>>all canadian born rb's.

:? I don't think you understood what I meant.

well, that was just a wild good guess.

no, i understand. hehe