Top GM candidates in Edmonton

Jim Barker
Danny McManus
Geroy Simon
Duane Forde

Who ever it is must be a trustworthy candidate who the fans are warm to. They must reside in the City.

I'm a little biased but I think Danny Mac is a great choice.

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If “trustworthy” is a requirement it automatically eliminates Ego Jones from the discussion.

Jimbo Barker is by far the most qualified of those names - - Edmonton cannot afford to take a chance on an inexperienced GM.

Rusty Tillman would be an excellent candidate despite Edmonton Fan running him out of town last time around.

what has Danny, Geroy, or Duane done to show they can do the job?


Giving Bozo the Sutherland his very first GM job was a catastrophic failure for Edmonton.

Can’t see them hiring another inexperienced first time GM.

Yes good question. Geroy has been groomed in BC. Danny has been assistant GM and Duane is just a guy I feel will do well. A Canadian, bright guy heavily immersed in University and draft and has been analyzing teams for a long while.
But I agree with Area that E E needs an experienced guy who will not be Jones or Tillman

Duane Ford is a great guy and the best colour commentator the CFL has, but I would heavily caution against hiring him as a GM.

Very similar to the Mike Mayock situation with the Raiders that has been a complete disaster - - respected commentator with an extensive history of draft evaluation, but hopelessly out of his depth as an actual GM.

I don't see Mayock as out of his depth at all. Raiders have a lot of talent.

Outside of Tillman who do you see as a strong candidate?

Raiders draft picks have been God-awful since Mayock took over as GM. And not even in hindsight - - so many of his picks were obvious reaches when they were announced.

As I’ve explained previously, Jimbo Barker would be the best option for Edmonton.

Since the ops salary cap is going to be an issue, hiring someone who can handle multiple roles - - at least for one year - - would be ideal. Other than Hufnagel, the only person capable of this would be Barker.

Although it would not surprise me in the least if Wally Bozo “recommends” himself to be the HC, GM and president in Edmonton.

I suspect Gruden had more say than Mayock.

I don't think the cap will be huge issue. I think they get i mulligan and can amortize the balance over 5 years.

I think it will be Barker. Known, Tried.

I don't see Buono there. Anyway these are plum jobs.

Edmonton is wise to go with someone who can stabilize that team from sinking further .

Barker was around the last rush of starter QB personnel for the league .

Maybe giving him too much credit don't know but he was the GM at the time .

For Ottawa I am good with Barker or Danny Mac if they don't promote from within .

Barker took over an absolute disaster in Toronto in 2010. And that’s putting it mildly.

Within three years, he’d build a champion.

In addition, Barker’s the one who brought Collaros and Trev Harris into the CFL. They were the #3 and #4 QBs on Toronto’s Grey Cup team.

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Mike Kelly is my pick for Edmonton GM.

Ed Hervey is my choice. With him it's all about winning, not being warm and fuzzy with the media.

You laugh but it could be worse - - Garry Etcheverry...Jeff Tedford...Bart Andrus...John Huard.