Top Free Agents still available

A top the list
Rod Williams CB Riders. He is one of the Top Shut Down CB in the CFL. After 3 years in EDM 2 as an All Star was a late NFL cut and helped the Riders is push for GC. 2014 was probably his best season. The Riders are deep at DB. So they have spent money elsewhere. Several teams could use him and plug him right in at Boundry CB.

Rennie Curran MLB
EDM. With Sherrits return in 2014 really not feasble to have two starting All Star calibre MLBs. problem for Curran is that most teams are set at MLB and like Curran International MLBs burst onto the scene in the CFL every season. I would think Winnipeg would be the best fit. They just acquired Hurl who is still unproven as a starting MLB. Having Curran gives them the anchor in the MLB spot. While Hurl, Newman, and Sherman all could fill the WillLB role all three are up and coming Nationals.

Kevin Glenn Any team that is still built with GC potential without a solid back up should be very interested in Glenn as the ultimate in season insurance policy. Played great in Calgary during regular season when Tate was injured. In BC he played very well keeping BC in the hunt. Things fell apart for not just Glenn but the whole Lions team when Lulay could not return.

Bakari Grant REC
HAM. Not sure what the story is in Hamilton. He certainly still would fill the role as a quality starting receiver. They basically allowed Ellingson to walk with the emergence of Tasker but they really do not have anyone currently that would be nearly as good as Grant as part of the starting receivers.

Sears and Dunn DBs WIN- both have proven to be flexible starters. Dunn may be headed to Toronto with his former DC/HC as the Argo's DC. Sears unsure where he could land.

Glenn January OT WIN. The Bombers letting him go and replacing him looks to be a sign that he is pretty worn and torn. Likely not going to be considered a top line LT but still enough for a RT or a 3rd OT. Which would be a lot less than he would be paid. Big name but likley looks to have lost a bit

Josh Bartel P
Riders. Still holding National status makes him a comodity for a team that is usning a one in all Kicker that cannot punt effectively. Whether it is a international PK or National PK adding another roster spot to both the National and International rosters in 2014 leaves a spot on the National roster available for a second part of a kicking unit

Rod Williams CB - Not sure who will pick him up.

Rennie Curran MLB - Expect to hear an announcement from Ottawa soon.

Kevin Glenn - Montreal or Saskatchewan will pick him up

Bakari Grant REC - Toronto or Hamilton

Sears and Dunn DBs - Sears most likely back in Winnipeg and I don't see anyone signing Dunn

Glenn January OT - Will most likely retire along with Morley once Morley is released by Winnipeg

Josh Bartel P - I don't see any team picking him up at this point.

Rod Black will be very disappointed.

Where you hear this? I researched briefly and couldn't find any news.

It's just a rumour currently, but Sask and Wpg seem like their out of the bidding.

Well I guess you can nix Curran to Ottawa.
CFL News @CFL_News · 15m 15 minutes ago
.@EhSportsOpinion Ottawa Sun's @TimCBaines says #RedBlacks never were in on Curran. #CFL

CFL News @CFL_News · 12m 12 minutes ago
RT .@TimCBaines: #RedBlacks confident they can replace production of Jasper Simmons, who had a great season, from within. #Ottawa #CFL

I wonder where Curran will go ?
According to reports, Ottawa, Saskatchewan and winnipeg are out, only rumoured team left was Edmonton and Hervey stated that Curran wouldn't be back.

Rod Williams to Montreal. Just made an already good DB Unit an elite Unit.
Just a guess but it was likely Montreal was interested especially when Tisdale deal was up in the air. Watkins, Tisdale, Breaux, Amont the other top Shut Down DBs seemed to get more media attention since Williams returned to the CFL and the Riders after his final cuts NFL release in '13. Still well in his prime and coming off his best season will just be 28.

Montreal now having two of what I consider the top shut down coverage players. Wondering where teams like Toronto, and this season’s usual suspects Winnipeg and Ottawa stood. Winnipeg does have some potentially top Coverage DBs. Toronto seems to find new international’s each year that step right in. Ottawa filled the glaring needs at receiver and LT. On Defense they do not have that top Shut down DB. They could have maxed out in those signings. With Johnson on the Field side Williams on the Boundry side could have really set the D-Backfield with experience.

I think for Glenn and the Riders this was the best destination. No fooling himself of grangers of being a starter but embracing his role as the top expereinced back up.
Proven to be a great insurance policy as a plug and play back up game manger during the regular season.
The Riders still with a Grey Cup roster saw the need to have Glenn after the bottom fell out last season and no young promising back up like Willy. Trying to pin that role on Sunseri who was just in his second pro season anywhere both with the CFL Riders. Was a far cry from a Drew Willy who had several pro seasons before coming to the CFL. As well was a QB who already had extensive CFL knowledge.
For Durant he know has another Veteran CFL QB to relate with. 2014 the Riders had no Back ups with CFL expereince or now former CFL QB anywhere on the staff.
Upgrading at Back up QB had to be a major after what happend last year.
Still in need of a RT that could affect the ratio situation but certainly added some key Nationals in Cory Watson giving them 3 starting successful Nationa receivers and Keenan MacDougall who will be entering his 4th season. He spent 3 in Calgary becoming a top teams player as well as a flexible defender on defence playing Safety and WillLB now. Something they lost in 2014 with both Butler and Newman leaving in Free Agency

Brian Peters WillLB
I forgot about Peters. Obviously one of the top young starting WiLLLB in the CFL and a strong coverage teams player. Tahman was asked at the Kevin Glenn presser any news on Peters. He gave Peters a 50-50 shot at getting an NFL futures contract this season. O'day is keeping in contact with him but no assurance that he would return to the Riders.
Just pure Specualtion but Toronto is a team that is short one starting WillLB. Toronto with Gabriel/Matt Black at S, Greenwood at MLB, Foley at DE and Laing starting/rotating at DT. Yurchuk as well can play WILL/MLB as well as being teams star. A young International rising star like Peters would fit nicely at WILLLB and double on some teams units.

It is surprising if the Bombers were not interested. Unproven but possible Sam Hurl sits as their MLB right now. WillLB Newman and Sherman look up for that job Hurl as well may be better off playing along side and behind Curran at least this season.

Peters signed with the NFL Vikings today.

I believe Sears is trying the NFL. If he doesn't make it, he signs with Winnipeg

Sears does have the NFL potential being that he is 6'1" and 190 plus. Finally emerging from the shadows of Suber and Johnson he will be 28 this season.
It could be assumed that he will sign with Winnipeg should he not get any bites. Ottawa in need of more experience at DB and Hamilton as well a flexible Starting DB with the loss of Breuax. Just specualtion but Sears signing somehwere could give a team some amo to pull the trigger on Curran.
Winnipeg right now are looking at National Starters at both Will and Mike LB neither which are fully proven starters like Curran.

Curran's a stud, puzzles me why someone hasn't signed him yet. He shouldered JC Sherritt out of fulltime employment, so the guy's got some serious game. Off field distraction or maybe a problem in the locker room? I haven't heard any rumours of such. . .

Did I miss something, or is Keron Williams still unsigned by a CFL team?

The only thing I've heard is that he's asking for a lot of coin in the opinion of teams involved in trying to acquire him. The figure I saw is $170,000, if I recall correctly.

I'm really surprised the Cats haven't made a run for Sears to replace Breaux.