Top Five Quarterbacks Of All Time!

Dewalt? You are kidding...right? It was Fernandez that made him look good. He never did squat without Mervyn. Specially when he got slower. My least Favorite Lions QB of all time.

Too people that leave a really bad taste in my mouth as far as CFL goes. Dewalt, and Galat.

... i wonder if anyone would remember that Russ Jackson ...and Ron Lancaster used to play on the same team...that being the .....guess who ... the Ottawa Rough Riders...quite a dynamic duo they were ....Jackson being Canadian was kept by Ottawa...and Lancaster was dealt to the other Roughriders....i guess they would be happy just to have a team now...never mind all of that how the times have changed...DEFINITELY ...Ron and Russ belong on the all time greats list... :thup:

I thought you hated McManus too. Throw in Allen, and you officially hate every QB that's brought a Grey Cup to BC in the last 40 years.

must have been before my time, Samoan is he? is he from the American side, or West side? Must do his poor country proud!

My two cents ...

  1. Russ Jackson (All-Canadian, all the way)
  2. Warren Moon (Amazing passer)
  3. Doug Flutie (Never stopped)
  4. Tom Clements (Great tactician)
  5. Dieter Brock (Could throw a football through a running carwash and not get it wet)

Hon. Mentions
Ron Lancaster
Ken Ploen
Tracy Hamm
Damon Allen


I do not hate McMannus or Allen. I do think they both overrated. However, I also think they are good people. I would have no problem with Allen as QB of my team if other favorites were not available. I expect Danny to become one heck of a coach. Actually, I dont even hate Dewalt, just hated how ineffective he was after Mervyn left. He really was a dumb QB, keep making stupid decisions. Never "felt" the backside tackle coming, etc. Once his feet slowed down, he was useless.

FTR - DannyDarren are my choice for best combination, simple because they helped each other to overacheive and did it on 3 different teams. Danny didnt do all that good without Darren, but still way better than Dewalt.

It's hard to judge that which you have not seen (i.e. pre-1980s for me), but I have to give props to Jackie Parker. The way I see it, if you're not the league all-star QB, you're not the best QB that year ... and if you're not the best of the year (several times) you can't be one of the best ever. League MVP is even more impressive, and Grey Cups don't hurt (although they are a team achievement).

Parker won the Schenley 3 times and was runner up twice more. His teams won 3 Grey Cups. As for all-star selections - all I can find out is that he had 8 of them, but it's not clear how many of these were conference vs. all-Canadian, and how many were earned at QB - because he also played RB some years, as well as defence.

Note that my "all-star" criteria would easily exclude Damon Allen - and it doesn't do Warren Moon (1 all-star, 1 MVP) any favours either, though he does score points for the Grey Cup wins (several of which even occurred while he was the starter for his team!)

Lancaster and R.Jackson score well on both the all-star and MVP front. And speaking of Moon's back-up role, Tom Wilkinson looks pretty good statistically - 3 league all-star selections, 8 Grey Cup games with 5 wins (a couple of which he played as Moon's backup). Dunigan had 3 league all-star selections, but no MVP.