Top Five Quarterbacks Of All Time!

Many to pick from,harder than it seems. I could of made this a poll but I thought it would be more interesting to see everyone's own opinions!
My Top Five Of All Time;

  1. Doug Flutie
  2. Warren Moon
  3. Damon Allen
  4. Ron Lancaster
  5. Matt Dunigan

Honorable Mention To;

Anthony Calvillo,Tom Wilkinson,Tom Clements,Russ Jackson,Dieter Brock(thank god Winnipeg had a Zoo),Sam Echeverry,Tracy Hamm and Kenny Ploen

  1. Kerry Joseph
  2. Ron Lancaster
  3. Marcus Crandell
  4. Nealon Greene
  5. Kent Austin

no jking

Ok, so Allen gets mentioned because of records which is because of longevity. However, statwise, based on seasonal average, he is not top 5. Also, keeping in mind how the game has changed and the fact that seasons went from 16 to 18 games, later QBs have stat advantage.

Having said that, I think, take Allans name out and put in one of your honourable mentions. I think either Jackson or Echeverry. Parker should be honorable mention as well.

Your points are well taken FootbalYouBet. If I went by your facts and had to replace Allen it would be Echeverry. If not in the top Five,Allen certainly belongs at #6 or#7

Allen is top 5 without a doubt. He is third all-time in CFL rushing, and has still racked up almost 70K yards. And it's also an accomplishment just to play that long..and add to the fact the GC's he's won, and how quickly he heals, and that he can throw with his right or left hand, and that at 42 years of age, is still one of the elite QBs in the CFL. He has those stats because he is the best.

  1. Flutie
  2. Moon
  3. Jackson
  4. Allen
  5. Lancaster

Dunigan is NOT a top 5.


Works for me. I would only admit to putting Allen in top 10 though. Our problem is that we are not familiar enough with past greats. The thing is, if you were drafting teams in the afterlife with everyone in there prime, and you were draft in the top 5, would you really take Allen if the goal was immediate production, and not lifetime production.

For me, I think

Head, which includes some guessing since I didnt actually see them all

1 - Flutie
2 - Moon
3 - Sam Echeverry
4 - Russ Jackson
5 - Lancaster
6 - Clements
7 - Parker
8 - Dunigan
9 - Holloway
10- Allen


1 - Flutie
2 - Moon
3 - Dunigan
4 - Paopao
5 - Lancaster
6 - J.C. Watts
7 - Holloway
8 - Kerrigan
9 - Huffnagel(sp?)
10- Joseph

Good choices, I'd replace Dunnigan with Russ Jackson though.

Etcheverry and Russ Jackson are in Top Five w/o question.

Out are Allen and Dunigan --- but latter is definitely top ten.

Overall, I would say Warren Moon is the top QB to play in the CFL. After that, its quite debateable as to who are in the top 5-- my choices are:

  1. Warren Moon
  2. Doug Flutie
  3. Ron Lancaster
  4. Russ Jackson
  5. Matt Dunigan

What are the criteria in this poll?

I'm not old enough to go beyond the 80's, so here's (IMO) the list of the best of the 80's and beyond.

  1. Warren Moon
  2. Doug Flutie
  3. Damon Allen
  4. Jeff Garcia
  5. Matt Dunigan
  6. Kevin Feterik
  7. Kevin Feterik
  8. Kevin Feterik
  9. Kevin Feterik

I miss lil' Kevy.

No criteria, just your own opinion of who your top 5 are

  1. Moon
  2. Flutie
  3. Lancaster
  4. Holloway
  5. Allen

1 Flutie

Statistically speaking:

  1. Flutie
  2. Moon
  3. Dickenson
  4. Ray
  5. Cavillo

Honourable mention to Russ Jackson who had an incredible 17.6 yard completion average in his career. Nobody else is even close.

Paopao was a QB?

you mean you never heard of the Throwin Samoan?

I dont think he was ever an all star, but he was better than some and I really liked him. Even if he wasnt a running QB which I usually prefer. There was just something about him, specially in lion uniform.

  1. Moon
  2. Ham
  3. Flutie
  4. DeWalt
  5. Garcia