Top Dog: Argos' Kelly named 2023 CFL George Reed MOP

NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. – The Toronto Argonauts were heavily featured at the CFL Awards after a 16-win regular season in 2023.

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Nothing but crickets…


Kelly had a great year. I had him equal to Brady. But Brady showed what it takes to make it to the GC. Kelly fell apart when it counted the most.


Dinwiddie put him in a place and a system where he could succeed - as long as he had a running game…


Long winded was he.

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So many award winners that won’t be on the field on Sunday.


"And the award for the Most Outstanding Player with a Make Believe Concussion goes to Chad “Manson Lamps” Kelly " :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I gotta ask, what are Manson lamps?

I already learned a new meaning for the word pita today.

Nope, no way this wasn’t a league hype farce. His defence carried him all year. You will see next year. Adams and Collaros were better. the PFF is a joke too. How can a 35 yard day for a running back score him higher than one with 132 yards. Maybe works in NFL but doesn’t seem to translate at all. If he got this because of his rushing touchdowns…that is the head coaches mistake letting him stay in for all the short yardage. Just nope!

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Eyes that have that crazy looking Charlie Manson look to them . :eyes:
I first heard it used on the Sopranos and it stuck with me ever since . :crazy_face:


A tragic mistake. An embarrassment to the other players in the league. A slap in the face to all CFL fans. An injustice of the highest level. Ambrosie needs to resign or be sacked.a


He does have eyes that look like he could go ballistic in a bar. Meanwhile the rightful winner is the one with the beautiful eyes :face_holding_back_tears:.ROFL.

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Ha ha. A lot of homer whiners here. Ha ha.

I believe that PFF places a strong emphasis on blocking at the running back spot. I too find it oddly weighted. I’m not saying blocking isn’t an important skill for an RB to have. But man alive, your primary job is carrying the rock. The analytics should reflect that.

I gave up reading the PFF awards back in August. Results seemed to arbitrary. I questioned this back then, but no one seemed to have an answer.

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The Awards only prove that The commissioner is still breast feeding Toronto, A Team that has the lowest fan turn out and MOP (Most Overpaid Princess) to deal with give him an awrd he definetly doesn’t deserve just to shut the douche up!

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Its too bad that Kelly is a sore loser. Ran off the field at the end of the Eastern final without congratulating Montreal players for a well played game. But of course the Argo organization and the commissioner never mentioned this unsportsmanlike conduct in the media.

It’s time to have these awards after the grey cup. If you’re not in the GC how can you be best except you lost? MOP is the #1 award and kelly is where? Peeling potatoes in hooterville? Roadapples!

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What does this have to do with Ambrose?


So then if Mtl wins. the award should go to Farjado and Mass?

Are you saying that had BC beaten Wpg, Oliveria should not have received most outstaning Canadian?

Betts did not make the cup…does he not deserve his award?

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