Top Defence in 2005

What team will have the best defence in 05?
I think Winnipeg will surprise alot of teams and have a top 3 defence this year with a revamped secondary and a full year with Joe flemming. I think Montreal always has a good defence even with some losses at DB. What does everyone else think???

quit giving away all the secrets mike45 don't you know Wpg. is supposed to finish at the bottom in the west .....defensively and offensively. The smart teams will probably have a REAL GOOD LOOK at the 05 Bombers because an easy two points they aren't....but let everyone keep thinking that way .....defense is solid...offense looks great; say no more. c'mon 05 kickoff. :smiley:

Offensively the bombers have a lot of question marks but defensively they look alright they have half of the secondary calgary used last year that was successful and two strong rush ends in Tom Canada, who was the lone bright spot last year, and Joe Flemming who is always dangerous. Winnipeg will have an alright defence next year at hte very least in the upper half of the league.

I think Montreal will have a strong defence next year they only lost two guys and one isnt really a loss (sanchez) replacing miles will be tough but doable. They got MEgna back this year to make the two rush ends even more threatening and an all star linebacking group theyll be near the top of the league.

Calgary has most of the same group they had last year as does toronto and both those defences were really tough so they should both have solid defences

if this guy Megna stays healthy he's one of the stars at his position in this league....sure would look good at the other end position with about a trade....we have a few extra QB'S. :!:

you know i think there is a lot of promise this year for the D , im still not sold on our secondary but if tim carter can stay healthy and this new revanped d line get some damm presure it would be great, one question rod rust, did he implement that kamakaze blitz we see in mtl if so i hope he does the saame here , i would like to see that kind of aggressiveness like in the early 80s, this just might be a good year

Hey guys, we can't forget the Riders here. I know I am a huge rider fan but they lead the league in Sacks, had a great secondary and there is also Reggie I need to say anymore? One more thing, The 2 games when the Riders went INTO BC, they knocked Casey Printers out of the game!! Did any other team do that? In BC??

THE ARGOS.........with the same group of people.

THE RIDERS.......with the same group of people.

As much as it pains me to say, the Argos will probably have the best defence in the league this year. They did last year, one that got them to the Cup, and they brought them all back.

My Ticats' D will probably be about middle of the pack. They've got a better secondary than they did at the start of last season, but their line has been brought down a notch or two with the loss of both Cheatwood and Montford.

I also am liking the Bombers chances of being most improved from last year. There is alot of solid tallent at secondary waiting to step up at camp i.e. Maurice Tucker(saints), Mesene Louisdor (Dolphins) also Omar Evans, Wes Lysack, Marcus Bradley, Shawn Gallant, William Feilds, Tim Carter, Ricky Bell.
I think it will be a battle at QB. I think Glenn could loss the Starting Job at camp. Another point is QB protection. I think the Blue and Gold may have FINALLY addressed that problem.


Like others said ... The Alouettes has alot of talent on defence ! let's check some name : Megna and Stewart on the D-line is one of the best duo you can have with a guy like Ed Phillion who is still great even if he is getting older .. Our 3 linebacker are too great K-J , Timothy Strickland and Duane Butler .. But now when we are going deep we have Durden , Malveaux , Curry and there will be somes new names this year but each season , Jim Popp always find some new talent like he did with guy la Thyron Anderson , Almondo Curry and Ezra Landry !

So Let's try to past the D of my Montreal ALS ! :smiley:

Before we go any further what says that a teams has the best defence.
Is it points againt?
There are 25 defensive catagories to look at, so how do say which team has the best defence?
Toronto was first in 2 of these catagories
Montreal was first in 14. :wink:

Exactly ro1313
I really don't know why everybody keeps saying that Torontos defense was the best, Montreal dominated on defense(although after Megna went down for the year, it hurt).
Another thing people keep saying is that BC had by far the best offense, when the reality is that BC and Montreal were virtually tied for best offense.

Even with our losses, I still say my Als have the best D this year. Megna and Stewart on the ends, with Brown and Philion at nosetackle and Gibson backing them up: that's a great D-line. The secondary took a hit but looks to be bigger and more physical this year. And our linebacking corp is arguably the best in the league (except for BC).

But things won't be easy. Toronto still has a great bend-don't-break defense, the Roughriders get great pressure on the opposing quarterback, and Calgary's defense was its lone bright spot last year.

Argos won the Grey Cup primarily on Defence and Special Teams. While they give up a lot of yardage, their philosophy is more about bending and not breaking, as apposed to going for the big defensive play. It seemed to work last year, so I say the Argos have the best D in the league.

Are you saying that because they won the cup they have the have the best defence?

The bend but not break catch phrase is real cute but laughable as well. If I break twice and give up 2 touchdowns and you bend 5 times for field goals, who wins??????

The bottom line is Toronto won 10 games last year. B.C won 13 and Mtl 14.
I say both have better D than Toronto

Scott Coe knocked cAsey Printers out of one game, and Dickenson in another game. Printers was also injured in the first game againts Calgary, (I don't recall who hit him) but I think he returned in that game.

Calgary will have the number one Defence. Now that they won't have to play 55mins of football a game this season because they have an offence that can stay on the field for more than 3 plays. Calgary was number 2 last year. With a chance to finally rest, they are going to be out of control.

But Montreal won on the strength of their offence as well as their defence. B.C.'s offence was their only strength. Toronto's offence reeked! Yet they still won the Grey Cup, including wins against Montreal and B.C. when it mattered, based on their dominant defence and special teams. Add to that the fact that they're all back, and Toronto's defence is the one that scares me the most.

I would have to say Riders will have the best defence this year… :slight_smile: