Top CFL QB's

  1. Printers
  2. Dickenson
  3. Burris
  4. Joseph
  5. Bishop

Why does everyone think Burris is so good????
He hasn't done ANYTHING!!!!

  1. Printers
    1a. Dickenson
    1b. Calvillo
    1c. Allen
  2. Joeseph
  3. Maas
  4. Glenn
  5. Greene
  6. McManus
  7. Burris

WTF Bishop he sux horribly man all he has is the arm power

have to agree about Bishop also he can;t think on his feet.....too slow a read.

Seriously, classify them as you wish. For my own opinion, Joseph doesn't even deserve to be considered among the top 10. He's got legs, but no head. However, I concede he has no offensive support, except for Ranek.

2. Ray

8.danny mac
10.dickenson in tenth for his piss poor performane in the sask preseason game

  1. Dave Dickenson
  2. Ricky Ray
  3. Anthony Calvillo
  4. Damon Allen
  5. Casey Printers
  6. Khari Jones
  7. Jason Maas
  8. Henry Burris
  9. Danny McManus
  10. Marcus Crandell
  11. Kerry Joseph
  12. Nealon Greene

Top five are:

Allen - if you can lead your team to the Grey Cup at age 42 you deserve to be on this list

Calvillo - hasn't achieved what he has by using smoke and mirrors, he is the real deal.

Ray - shows the poise and maturity of the two above mentioned QB's, but is only 26. Can only get better, a WHOLE lot better.

Printers - although still has a lot to prove in my opinion, the guy is an unbelievable athlete.

Dickenson - don't think he reached his full potential up here. Injuries have hampered him and losing three years in San Diego didn't help either. Great mentor for Printers.

These are only top five. I believe that Jason Maas, Henry Burris and Kerry Joseph should get honorable mention here as well.


  1. MTL- Calvillo
  2. EDM- Ray (One lower if Maas)
  3. BC- Dickenson (same with Prtinters)
  4. TOR- Allen
  5. CAL- Burris
  6. SK- Greene
  7. WPG- Glenn
  8. OTT- Joseph
  9. HAM- Old Goat (Better if Brady)

Copeland 1-1 1Td 0 Int 72 YD Avg whats that a QB rating of about 1000!

Well said! :slight_smile:

Let's see:

  1. Printers
  2. Ray
  3. Calvillo
  4. Dickenson
  5. Greene - I think he'll do well this year.
  6. Burris - still hasn't proved himself
  7. Allen - proven, but I think the D won the season for them
  8. Maas
  9. Glenn
  10. Joseph

Most of the best seem to be in the west this year.

Burris , Joseph and Bishop? Are you kidding me! Have you ever seen these guys play? You put them ahead of Calvillo,Ray,Maas, and Allen? Ok, tell me why you choose these players and choose not to put the above listed, i dont want to troll so please explain your choices.



With so many good QB's in this league, its hard to put them in order.Here's how I rank them:

1.Calvillo MTL- He will keep breaking records and have another great year
2.Printers BC- Great athlete, this guy can flat-out play
3.Ray EDM- Best in the CFL at reading defensive coverage
4.Dickenson BC- He's a GameBreaker, but can he hold off casey for #1 job?
5.Greene SK- Will have a breakout year if he can improve on passing the ball
6.Maas EDM- A good guy to have on your team, but he tends to get injured
7.Burris CG-Cannon arm, still needs to work on not making misktakes(int,fum)
8.Allen TO- Grey Cup MVP at 42, he's definetly a skilled QB
9.Joseph OTT- Has the potential, just has to complete a good full year
10.McManus HAM- throws lots of ints. , he's close to the end of his career

Glenn,Bishop,Brady,Crandell,Jones,and Wynn are all good guys that can get the job done and maybe some will be on this list in a few years if they continue to improve on their game

(I agree SaskRider, Copeland should have a good QB rating with those fine stats!!! :smiley: )

1.calvillo-amazing awsome for his age and the corner routes he connects with his reicvers....also a good runner for his age...fearless.

2.printers-a buff guy that can NOT be tooken down...i seen it once .....reads the plays well.......i thought he would get the starting job in bc this year....after coming off a mvp season....i understand what he is upset about....he is a great qb.

3.joesph-i know somone people might be wondering what i am smoking but i think joesph number three best qb in the league...bu if u watch him play he is amazing..i mean he has more yards rushing than some running backs in the cfl...and when he throughs the ball its usually a big gain ...i like is styler as a qb.

those are the top three in the league in my perspective