Top CFL draftprospect turning heads in the NFL.

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Laurent Duvernay-Tardif had a great week at the East-West Bowl and has a good chance on being drafted. :thup:

Canadian right tackle Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is a very physical player that mixed it up with East Carolina defensive end Derrell Johnson. The 6-foot-5, 315-pound Duvernay-Tardif muscled Johnson around when he was rushing from the left side in one-on-one pass rushing drills. When Johnson went to the right side of the defensive line he used his quickness to his advantage with greater success.

Duvernay-Tardif also got physical and showed a mean streak against Purdue defensive lineman Bruce Gaston, Jr. as the two briefly scuffled after a drill.

-Though I hadn’t planned on watching him, the Canadian prospect Laurent Duvernay-Tardif actually had a few moments today, holding his ground well while extended. I had a few questions about the Canadian players on twitter, and he’s the only one who’s impressed thus far.
Today was a morning focused primarily on the linemen and linebackers, as they were in pads and quickly got to the hitting.

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif from McGill had a very nice morning. The right tackle has natural flexibility in his knees and ankles, and he’s got very big hands. He knows how to use those hands too; his punch isn’t great but he can latch on with those big mitts and fend off rip or cut moves. West Virginia DE Will Clarke tried an inside spin but the Canadian stayed engaged and low in his stance, easily fending him off.

ST. PETERSBURG - Laurent Duvernay-Tardif n’avait pas le cœur à rire, samedi, après le East-West Shrine Game disputé au Tropicana Field.

Dans une victoire de 23-13 sur l’Ouest, le bloqueur des Redmen de McGill s’est retrouvé pendant tout le match devant l’autre Canadien Evan Gill, des Bisons du Manitoba, qui avait été muté de plaqueur à ailier défensif.

«Je suis beaucoup fâché, a exprimé Duvernay-Tardif. Gill ne possède pas la vitesse et je n’ai jamais été sous pression pendant le match. Je voulais montrer ma vitesse aux recruteurs face aux meilleurs joueurs présents, mais je n’en ai pas eu l’occasion.»

«Ils ont tellement pas de respect pour les Canadiens, a poursuivi le plus bel espoir en prévision du repêchage de la LCF. Parce qu’ils jugent les Canadiens trop poches, ils nous ont mis un contre l’autre. Au moins, j’ai affronté le gars de UCLA (Cassius Marsh) à quelques reprises et je l’ai reculé de quelques verges.»

«Mission accomplie»

Malgré sa déception, le gaillard de 6 pi 5 po et 321 lb était satisfait de sa semaine en Floride. «Mission accomplie, a-t-il affirmé. J’ai été dominant à l’entraînement, mardi et mercredi. J’ai montré que j’étais athlétique et physique. J’étais confiant avant le match et c’est pourquoi je suis tellement déçu. De toute façon, ce sont les entraînements qui sont le plus importants et non pas le match.»

Le joueur de ligne par excellence au pays repart aujourd’hui pour Knoxville, au Tennessee, où il poursuivra son entraînement intensif avec la conviction que de bonnes choses se pointent à l’horizon.

«Je suis pas mal certain que je vais être invité à un camp d’entraînement de la LNF, a-t-il déclaré. C’est aussi possible que je sois invité au camp d’évaluation de la NFL à Indianapolis (22 au 25 février). Si ce n’est pas le cas, je vais tester pour les équipes intéressées à Montréal. Je suis maintenant assez connu pour que les équipes se déplacent. Je ne veux pas participer à un camp régional.»

Duvernay-Tardif a discuté avec la majorité des équipes. «Les 49ers, les Bears, les Lions et les Giants sont les équipes qui ont montré le plus d’intérêt, a-t-il indiqué. Les Lions et les Giants ont même parlé de moi sur leur site internet.»

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Looks like Tardiff will be headed to the NFL with his impression size and skills. Most likley a rookie free agent with a great chance of hitting a Practice roster.
Gill on the other hand was forced to play out of his comfort zone position of DT to DE. Most likley his size at 6'3" but just 280 is probably a litttle to small for the NFL liking. Good chance he will not be signed by an NFL team after the draft to a rookie free agent contract but will most likley get into a rookie mini camp in the NFL. Still he would need to bulk up to play DT in the NFL and does not have a DE skill set.
Gaydosh remember did not get much NFL attention but did stand out at NFL rookie mini camp and was signed on the spot though he is about 15 pounds heavier than Gill could have made the difference.
Probably CFL ready to rotate so drafting him high would probably be a good decision.
WWould most likley go to the play first in the CFL through his 3 year rookie contract for the NFL to give him another look.
With Ottawa already with Sholo and Evans probbly will look to fill the need at another position. Depending if they can sign Macmillian OL out of Ioawa or one of the two DE they drafted last year they could actually afford to take a OLineman that may be headed for the NFL now and wait for him to come back.
Leaves Winnipeg in a good position to draft Gill as they are in need of a Canadian DT
Jake Thomas has a lot of upside and did see spot duty at DT. Ryan Lucas looked really good rotating in at DT with two imports starting. Lucas has been around for a while and worked his way up the ranks so add Gill to that and there may be possible for a future DT spot for the ratio. Depending if Gill can break the starting line up and Lucas continues to play hard as well as Jake thomas cotinue to grow a chance that a DT spot could be a ratio spot.
With the unknown of what Muamba will do and whether they may need to go import at safety this would be an angle and a pick in Gill that could be in the best interest of the Bombers for 2014 and the future.

What I've read on Gill is that he struggled against large interior guys and is too slow to play DE, which means he's probably a DT in the CFL. I agree his NFL chances are slim to none but it likely increases his stock in the CFL draft. Tardif goes from a risky CFL draft pick to a waste of time IMO. As for the Bombers I still think Foucault or Lavertu fill a much greater need than Gill or Coombs but should they land a Tsoumpass or Bourke in free agency then it might make sense.

And its not a by-product of Carbs and Gluten. He's a solid 320 pounder (converted DL)

This is a guy who while playing Ball and kept a 3.92 grade average in Medicine at McGill worked with the Montreal Municipal Police in their Drug and Vice awareness program ! This kid is THE TOTAL PACKAGE.

While he's a guard, David Foucault is extremely Big and athletic OL. He's also gotten looks but not to the extent Tardif has.

He's such a great student that the Dean of McGill University has written him a dispensation that regardless who is in place, he can return to McGill at any time no matter how long and complete his studies in Medicine should he choose an NFL career.

Le vice-doyen m’a assuré que je pourrais reprendre mes études où je les avais laissées peu importe le nombre d’années loin de l’école, a-t-il expliqué. J’ai aussi reçu une confirmation par écrit dans l’éventualité où il y aurait des changements à la faculté.»

20 plus NFL teams talked to him and a dozen requested full interviews...

I think you are dead on with Gill. A good E-Camp could make a difference for a player like him. Really on paper the only DT that could be considered CFL ready. With all of the NCAA seniors being drafted last season under the old red shirt Junior rule teams will need to be carefull with the ratings of players. Besides Tardiff where would the other Oline rank if Graghead, Mcmillian and others that were drafted last year fit into this years draft order. So who is CFL ready to start as an Olineman or be able to rotate at DT will be skewd a bit.
Winnipeg probably will not take Anthony Coombs but he could be one of the most ready to play draft picks out in the draft whether as a returner, Change of pace RB who is Canadian, or find a hybrid role as he is an excellent receiver.
I would have to say a good way to gauge Coombs is if he is as good as or better than two siilar true rookie imports from last season in Lindsey Lamar or Tavoy Moore. Plus If simpson can return and Ford return to his being the second RB in a two back system as well as returning kick offs.
I agree the best bet would be one of the Olineman other than Tardiff who would most likley at least be ready to be on the roster as one of the two back ups.
The other question is what does Ottawa do already loaded with Canadian Olineman do they go with you can never have enough good Canadian Olineman. Remember they still have 4 draft picks from last season and Olineman who could be CFL ready if healthy and two Canadian DE that will for sure contribute on special teams. and another TE in Digby who will be a fantastic special teams player or could even move to SB with already Lavoi and Delahunt definite TEs. Digby can eve be moved to a will LB spot
Taking a Canadian receiver especially out of the CIS usuallly takes some time before they can adapt.