Top All-Time Defensive Player

carl weathers

Jerald Baylis was one of my Early favorites.
Bobby Jurasin
Alondra(sp?) Johnson
Willie Pless
Malcolm Frank
Eddie Davis
Nate Davis

Are some of my favorites that I liked to watch or not watch.

There is a winner!

...only in Rocky I, and even then it was a split decision...

Greg Battle was one of the best linebackers ever.

I picked Wayne Harris earlier but another name would be Tyrone Jones.

Dwayne Johnson

Oh how did I forget Willie Pless??? I don't know where my head is. Sorry Willie. I change mine. Willie Pless was the greatest. How many defensive player of the year awards did he win? They should've renamed it the Willie Pless award.

Actually considering Jackie Parker was a 2 way player as well, he would be the top ranked defensive player in that suspect poll.

Why do you think it's a suspect poll cfleskfan?

Parker was Mr. Everything really. He may very well be the greatest all around CFLer of all time. I actually met him once over 30 years ago. In the short conversation I had with him he seemed like a very humble and nice guy. I regret to this day I didn't ask him for his autograph.

Can you imagine, defence takes over from offence and your starting QB stays out and keeps playing?

I suppose Kerry Joseph would do OK.