Top All-Time Defensive Player

When talking about all-time greats it seems we are always looking at offensive players. I have always believed defense wins the big games.

Here are my top 3 admittedly baised choices for greatest players on the D-side. In no particular order:

Dan Kepley
Danny Bass
Wayne Harris

You could build a team around any of the three.

I can think of

Bill the undertaker Baker...who had rules made to limit his style of play.

Other rider greats include
Bobby Jurasin
Ed McQuarters

Junior Ah You
Angelo Mosca
Less Browne
James (Quick) Parker

All of which I have had the pleasure of watching play.

Wayne Harris need I say more.

Larry Crawford
Nick Hebeler

gee, most of the names I first think of have already been mentioned

Andre Francis
James West
Adrian Smith
James Curry

Give Ben Zambiasi some love

Big Joe Montford. Absolutely dominant.

Eddie Lowe.Need i say more!

I have to agree with Wayne Harris - he was dominating.

Bill Baker has to be considered too.

Dave Fennell.

Garney Henley

(If you don't believe me, look for the top-ranked defensive player among the Top 50 of all time.

I have always loved aggressive pass rushers, who could maul a QB. So, my top 3 players reflect my bias:

Grover Covington: 157 sacks;
Elfrid Payton: 154 sacks;
Joe Montford: 135 (I think...)

Lastchance finally someone's mentioned's about time. He's the career sack leader!

Ben Zambiasi
Elfrid Payton
Bobby Jurasin
Willie Pless
Michael O'Shea :x
Joe Montford

I am shocked nobody has mentioned Willie Pless: CFL outstanding defensive player: 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997.

Maybe the fact that he played for 4 teams, no fan boys thought of him.

Sorry! I posted my Willie Pless remark before your list was online.

angelo moska=hamilton
john helton-winnipeg
-------------calgary? 20 years ago, but cannot remember his name.

-------------calgary? 20 years ago, but cannot remember his name.
oh yeah, I remember that guy. He had two legs, two arms, and um, a head, I think

Right, now whats his name again :smiley: :slight_smile:

  1. James "Quick" Parker (quick says it all)
  2. Big Joe Montford (he was a hulking terror)
  3. Elfrid Payton (awesome)
  4. Cameron Wake??? (he could tear up the stats by the end of his career. Hopefully its long and healthy)

Cameron Wake can’t qualify after only playing one season, and secondly he will be gone after this year for the sates, hell he wanted to go this year. Admittedly if he stays he has the potential to be the best pass rusher the league has ever seen.

Its a low down dirty shame that the Riders released Bobby J and he finished his career in TO insead of at Home where he should have finished.

Calvin Tiggle and Tim Cofield were beasts. However, they weren't around long enough. Loved 'em both when they played with the Cats.