Top 50 players on TSN tonight

Looks like TSN's CFL coverage is finally ramping up, with the top 50 players on tonight before the preaseason game.

Plus this is on at 9:00 pm :thup:

TSN's Friday night lineup of CFL programming also includes the premiere of JOURNEY TO THE GREY CUP: THE 2012 TORONTO ARGONAUTS at 9 p.m. ET. The 30-minute documentary gives fans an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the Argos' unforgettable 2012 season. With a rookie head coach, a future Hall of Fame quarterback, and a renewed sense of hope, the Argos overcame a sluggish start and key injuries to find their form when it mattered most. Told first hand by its star players, including Ricky Ray, Chad Owens, and Ricky Foley, JOURNEY TO THE GREY CUP: THE 2012 TORONTO ARGONAUTS captures the team's emotional journey that culminated with winning the historic 100th GREY CUP in front of a home crowd.

what top 50 players??

It's the thing they do every year now where they rate the top 50 players currently in the league.

Is this a repeat from grey cup week?

No, it's a new one.

So what did Fantuz do to earn a spot in the top 50?

Sorry, my bad I thought it was last year he was injured. I still don’t remember him standing out much last year though.

10th in yards. He had a good year considering it took Burris and him a while to start connecting.

In addition, Fantuz missed a bunch of games with an injury. He is arguably the best Canadian receiver in the CFL

Am i the only one who thought #2 Lulay should have been swapped for #4 Calvillo?

My top 3 are Owens, Ray, Calvillo in any order.
Oh. Nik lewis should have been much higher.

The idea that players playing vastly different positions can compete in a single category like this is ludicrous, but entertaining. For example, the QBs would be nothing without their receivers (and vice-versa), but the list favours QBs to a disproportionate extent.

to say a QB is nothing without their recievers would be true. but a way to measure of how much credit should go to the QB is the many different successful receivers to have played with said QB.
who were SJ Green or Jamal Richardson before playing with Calvillo? not at the star level they are now. who was Calvillo before playing with them? still a star. Calvillo makes receivers better than they are.

cahoon, bratton, copeland, watkins, green, richardson, london, vaughn, stalla, and many more.

it doesn’t seem to matter who Calvillo is playing with, he makes them greater than they would be without him.
it’s not the other way around, because Calvillo’s play didn’t drop off when 1 or more of those players left the team.

same goes for Ricky Ray with Tucker, Hervey, Stamps, Owens, Barnes, Peterson, Mitchell etc etc.

The list rightfully favours QB's as they have the biggest impact on the game.

Or you could say that Jim Popp has always made it a priority to surround Calvillo with top receiving talent. It's unfair to use Green as an example, because he's a Montreal product and has never caught passes from anyone else but Calvillo. But Richardson and Green are stars, man. They'd be fine on any team. The QB has to be good enough to utilize them, but the receiver has to be good enough to excel -- get open, make catches consistently, score TDs.