Top 50 CFL players

7 current Ti-Cats made the list. Masoli, Breaux, Banks, Davis, Revenberg, Tasker and Laurent. No Simoni Lawrence. A few former players made the grade.

Always good for conversation. A few names bug me being on here. Bad EX’s/breakups.

Gainey, Coleman, Figueroa and to a lesser degree Ellingson/Hughes. All top 50 players that we got ZILCH for and wanted them out of town.

Unamba, Gable and Dean good for them. We wanted to keep them but they were in demand and signed for good $$$.

Super happy forRevenberg getting this much respect.

I just get a kick out of the fact that the highest ranked Alouette on the list is at #24.

Kevin Glenn announced his retirement today after 18 seasons

I know he is not top 50, but, He has had an amazing CFL career

He turned 40 today

Why? Do you want them to fail? Every team being strong and stable is good for all the other teams.

They don’t need to be strong, they only need to be stable. Other teams have suffered long droughts, and it’s nice to see Montreal getting their turn.

And we do own their first draft pick this coming draft and the one following…so stable and crappy for 2 more years.

I liked Kevin Glenn. A litte sad for him though that he never won a Cup.

What a class act! Wishing him the best in retirement.
Still a valuable insurance policy if starters go down.

Couldn’t agree more.

Who on here has a good memory?

Was Glen hurt during a playoff game for the Cats??
Hand injury comes to mind but I can’t remember the circumstances.

Actually it was a bad memory b & g… 2010 Eastern Semi-Final against the Toronto Argonauts at Ivor Wynne. The 'Cats lose to Cleo Lemon, that’s right, Cleo Lemon and the Argos 16-13. That was also the game that Sandro DeAngelis missed some chip shot field goals which would have helped win the game. Glenn got hurt in the second quarter when he hyper-extended his knee. Quinton Porter took over the second half until Glenn returned in the fourth quarter and threw an interception late in the game.

WOW, thanks for that.

Some names that you mention only serve to fuel why we have struggled as an org.

Porter who I liked, Glenn,DeAngelis. OUCH