Top 50 CFL Players - 2017

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Kinda like the list - was peeved bomber OG Travis Bond wasn't on the list but lo 'n behold he comes in at #50 so my overall assess is 'nicely accurate list'.

Couple minor issues - is Darian Durant still a top 20 CFL player? I guess its a combination of Corky Jones really loathing Durant and now DD has an opportunity to showcase his skills in the east.

Would love to see a rating of the top CFL coaches and GMs. OK, why not? I'll give it a shot:

  1. Dave Dickenson - lots of Hufnagel genes have rubbed off on Dave Dick
  2. Marc Trestman - Rabbi Football is pretty much the resident CFL coaching genius - not much to work with to start the year though
  3. Wally Buono - gradually looking for the long nap, but the experience is incredible and he's finally learned to offload responsibilities to quality assistants.
  4. Ricky Campbell - paid his dues and stole a Grey Cup right under Hufnagel & Dick's sniffers.
  5. Jason Maas - not a great coach, not a bad coach. Has to cure his poor disposition
  6. Kent Austin - by rights should be ranked much higher. But of recent he's average.
  7. Mike O'Shea & Corky Jones (tie) - a career coach and an all-star canuck player turned coach. Jones nabbed a Cup in Edmonton (under King Reilly) while The Junkyard Fog (O'Shea) continues to make rookie mistakes 4 years into his head-coaching career. Players love him and gas out for the guy but he'll never be considered a football genius. Get Corky a QB and a few more quality guys and the Sask'n program will be better than Wpg.
  8. Jacques Chapdelaine - lots to prove, especially w/ What Say U as his GM


  • Adarius Bowman. Just don't see that guy as a top-3 player. Too many drops.
  • Bear Woods. He was just cut a couple of weeks ago. If you're really a top 20 player salary shouldn't be an issue.
  • DaVaris Daniels. 4th ranked receiver in the league? Maybe, but he needs more of a track record to prove it. (Marquay not even on the list?)
  • Matt Nichols. QBs seem to get a rankings boost by virtue of their position (8 of the 9 starters made it - sorry Glenn). I need to see one more strong season out of him.
  • Duron Carter. Only great if he can avoid being cast out for his psychiatric issues.

Too many Ticats on the list! :thdn: :cowboy:

Ernest Jackson should probably be a bit higher...but I suppose middle of the pack is ok until he has another good season.
Trevor Harris at 24? Really? When he is on he is pretty special but he has not held it together for the bulk of a season.
Jefferson not on there?
Bond should be a lot higher than 50
Legget is good...#16 good?
Nichols ahead of Durant? C'mon. Maybe he is getting there and all but he hasn't passed him yet.

When Chip Cox isn't in the top 50 it says everything there is to be said.

Ernest Jackson, buried deeper than Jimmy Hoffa at #23 is absurd.

These things are subjective and fun.

I would argue that Brad Sinopoli deserves to be on that list. Top Can receiver in the game by a long way. Two straight 1000 yard seasons. 90 plus receptions. Can. MVP in GC…won GC…2016 Great first down getter…Yac guy. Heck he’s in my top 20 probably.

What's that Johnny , too many Ticats you say ? I beg to differ , not enough Ticats , where is Abdul Kanneh's name on this list ? :o :cowboy:

keep in mind this is an interpretive list of Top 50 guys.

Ruling out non-starters and spares (practice roster, chronically injured) that's 50 out of a pool of 216

about 23%+ make list - and actually if you subtract 2 or 3 hobos at DB, 1 LB & 1 hobo OL the pool of 50 is derived from only 170 ballers! :cowboy:

Ten biggest snubs, as per 3DownNation:

Gotta agree with Sinopoli, above all others.

Interesting list indeed , some I agree with and some I don't . Let's take a look at the top 10 snub list :

Brandon Banks - Ham....... disagree . Banks to me tailed off the last half of the season and he didn't deserve to be considered a top 50 player based on his 2nd half play in 2016 .

John Bowman - Mtl........disagree . This will probably be Bowman's last season and at a soon age of 35 I can see his numbers coming down this year as well as possibly his playing time on an ageing Als defensive unit .

Andy Fantuz - Ham........disagree . Plain and simple , at the present time Fantuz is technically not a player or on any current roster . Even if he does happen to play sometime later in the season there is no telling how effective he will be or how many games (if any ) he will actually participate in .

Ed Gainey - Sask..........disagree . Gainey made great strides with his play last year after signing on with the Riders , but a top 50 player ? Sorry but Gainey only stood out last year because he was the best of a bad lot in a sad Saskatchewan secondary . Let's not forget that one of the main reasons he became a Rider in the first place was because he basically tripped over his own shoelaces covering Ellingson on that infamous play in the 2015 Eastern Final .

Abdul Kanneh - Ham........agree . I was really surprised that a player as good as Kanneh was somehow left off this list .
He is in my estimation one of the most reliable and hardest hitting DB's in the league and should have definitely been included in the top 50 players list . His shoestring tackle late in last years Grey Cup is probably one of the main reasons that Ottawa eventually won that game .

Nik Lewis - Mtl............ agree . While "Thick Nic" is 35 and at the end of his illustrious career , I can see him having one last memorable season before finally packing it in . I don't know why but I can see him and Durant having amazing chemistry this season and Nik becoming one of DD's favourite targets as the season progresses . The guy is like an oversized energizy bunny and has always been one of my favourite players in the league .

Marquay McDaniel - Calg.......agree . He is one of the unsung heroes in this league who has consistently put up numbers year in and year out . McDaniel not being considered as a top 50 player is a mystery to me as all the guy has done year in and year out in his career is on a regular basis turn out the numbers as one of the most reliable "go to " receivers in the CFL .

Brad Sinopoli - Ott........agree . Simply put , how in the hell does this guy not qualify as a top 50 player ? I have to agree with ExPat on this one . Not having a player like Sinopoli crack the top 50 list is the biggest omission and snub in this top 10 snub list .

Terence Toliver - Ham....... agree . At 6' 5" this guy is a nightmare to cover downfield . Despite missing 5 games last season he still managed to crack the 1000 yd barrier and also had 9 TD's on the year . Toliver is only heading into his 3rd season in the league and if Collaros can remain healthy for the better part of the season I can see Toliver putting up huge numbers this season for the Cats .

Brandon Whitaker - Tor........agree . Whitaker was one of the few rb's to crack the 1000 yd barrier last year as well as churning out 549 yds receiving on a bad Argo team . There is no reason to believe that his numbers will go down this year on what potentially should be a much improved squad now that Toronto actually has a real Head coach with a proven track record in Marc Trestman .

Great analysis bobo - complete with substantiations.

This tells me there are lot of good players in this league. Bodes well for the future.

If each team is carrying 65 players - that's nearly 600 players in the system.

I agree with last poster that there are easily 50 to 100 great players in the league.

The balance - nearly 500 are mostly transient hobos, forced-in Canadians and un-formed developmental clay.

I'd like it better if we had 200 very good to great players (nearly double what I believe we have now)

I've also grown increasingly circumspect about the type of coaching and development The 600 receive. Mostly the same old highly paid head coaches, a smattering of decent DCs & OCs - but after that mostly itinerant guys chasing a paycheque!

Ten players who shouldn’t be on the TSN Top 50 list, as per 3DownNation:

Brad Sinopoli gets left off the list after coming off a 1,000 yard Plus season, and named the top Canadian in the Grey Cup game? :?