top 5 wr

hey guys i am woundering who you think will be our top 5 wide out this year mine are
1.nate curry
2.richard alston jo walker
4.mike morrelle
5.kori dickerson

hey bulldog57 I was wondering why did you pick your top five. What did they do to stand out in your mind.

Talman Gardner,1 Best hands
Brock Ralph 2 White Ligntning
mike morrelle 3 Mr Cluch
Nate Currie 4 Runs Best Routes.
Jo Jo Walker 5 Mr Kick Return

morrelley will see spot duty at best!!

nate curry:i like because he is an alround good wideout and has year under his belt now

richard alston :s a speedy and has good hand and bring expridnce

jo jo walker:has really work hard in camp he has showen good hand good route running and exellent speed i belive after he learn the cfl he will be a primer reciver

mike morrelle:well what can i say one of the last remaining member of the 1999 grey cup team he bring exprience leadership and is a go to i hope he has a great season and can add one more ring to his fingers

kori dickerson:well what can i say he is pretty much an unknow in the cfl i really like the kid and he has 5 years of pro football experince i just like the kid and i hope that he makes the team

i hope that answer ur quesiton cmw 1612 :slight_smile:

It does help and I do thank you very much for your reply..

Go ticats

I still think they are going to have to bring in a proven 1000+ CFL WR in the near future :roll: I am a little worried at the moment about our WR most other teams are solid at this position and we are NOT ....??

i think that terry vaughn will end up back in steel town before the end of camp but if not we will be find either way

p.s timmy chang broke ncaa record with out have an allstar wr core

I hear alot of good things out of this timmy chang dude..

 I wish him the best.

Not true, the wily vets can still impress a coaching staff, just because Marshall and Lancaster havent utilized him in the past 3 years doesn't mean Taffe won't. Morrelle is all heart..he may show the new coaching staff what it takes to start again.

If Allen and Terry Vaughn have showed us anything its that age is just a number in the CFL :S