Top 5 things I learned in Regina

  1. Rider Nation is bigger than I ever imagined. Believe the hype.
  2. Everyone in the CFL outside of Saskatchewan Hate the Roughriders. So don't believe the hype about how they are beloved by Canada. (This was told to me by an Argo fan who was cheering for Hamilton).
  3. Most people in Regina are very friendly and we were welcomed there and thanked for coming by many strangers. Like everywhere else, they too also have lots of 25 year drunks that would spit in your face if they could for wearing a Ticat jersey. I will be graceful in the future to Argo fans.
  4. The city service was great, the shuttle buses which were HSR type city buses on numerous routes to all ends of the city were second to none. Got us around to the festivities in minus -30 degrees without jackets as it was a quick walk to the shuttle and into venues. Saved a lot of cab dough.
  5. 200 People (ok 250 if you counted the friends family and Ticat staff) in yellow and black scattered amongst 40,000 Rider Faithful is very lonely and almost non-existent in regards to support for the Cats. It was the oddest feeling I ever had attending sporting event. Being there made me realize how much of a massive underdog we were!

I have to admit, I have never seen a Grey cup, that was mostly one team's color. Watching a sea of Green and hardly no Ticat fans. I know it wasn't the Cats fans fault. I'm sure all of Saskatchewan made sure to buy up the tickets. What a difference a week makes. When you have thousands upon thousands of Ticat fans in T.O and almost non existent in Saskatchewan.

I really believe the CFL should do something about ticket distribution when the home team hosts the Grey Cup. I'm sure if it was up to Ticat fans, there would have been a couple thousand fans attending the game. Which would have made a better atmosphere.

Tickets were an issue but not nearly as big a issue as having no hotel rooms available from the get go . Normally there are all kinds of Ticat fans at Grey Cups but when there is no where to sleep it makes a difference .........This issue was mentioned by Cohon in his state of the league address...........I am so glad the game is in Vancouver next year .

This should be a much more serious consideration, along with ticket distribution to make it fairer for out of towners coming to the game. I'm not sure if this is the case, but the CFL should have control of where the tickets are available, so that EVERYONE has an equal opportunity. Little wonder why there were so many home towners and very few of anyone else. They were, in effect, locked out of being there for their team.

Management of the stadium and associated facilities should also be put in the hands of the league to make sure that BOTH teams have equal access to what is needed to prepare properly. I recall hearing a comment from Kent Austin during that week that the Tiger cats got the short end of the practice scheduling. They should have been provided first choice since they were travelling and did not have the decided advantage of being home.

Hotel accommodation was unreal. My kids treated me to the trip, and even found me a hotel room in Saskatoon on the Tuesday after the Eastern Final. Saskatoon!

To put that in context, Huntsville is closer to Tim Horton's Field than my hotel room was from Mosaic Stadium in Regina. Saskatchewan considers that a reasonable commute to a big game.

Who thought the drive to Guelph was a big deal?

The Box J boys were only a few rows up from my seats at the 101 Grey Cup, but we still could not make ourselves heard. It was an experience I will never forget. What a birthday gift from the kids. The Grey Cup committee were handing out Green and White Grey Cup scarves as we landed at the airport, which ,the lady who gave it to me said, was considered a neutral colour scheme for this game.


Oskee wee wee

I salute guys like you that will travel to support their team and actually buy tickets. How many Ticat fans wouldn't do the short drive to Guelph and complained about the travel despite knowing that it was going to happen.
How many so called Argo fans won't attend games because they feel that the RC is a bad place to watch a football game

Thumbs up :thup: to the real fans that buy tickets.


Here we go again with the statement that if you don't buy a ticket, you're not a REAL fan.

There are some who cannot afford to buy tickets, but who are there with their purchase of t-shirts, caps and other merchandise, that also finances the franchise. A fan is someone who supports his team in spirit, not just with money. Yes, the team needs the dollars to survive, but not everyone can participate at that level. It DOES NOT diminish their involvement.

I went to both the semi final in Guelph and the final in Toronto. Not only does Skydome have the worst sightlines I have experienced in the CFL. Their seats were so narrow and the leg room so ridiculously small that myself and a fellow fan had to stand most of the game or sit on the arms of the seats to be comfortable. I was forced to sit with my legs into the seat next to me and some people nearby offered to move down one to help out. Benches would be a MAJOR improvement over what I had to deal with. Although temporary, the stadium in Guelph was much better for me.

Nice that someone had the opportunity and THE MONEY to make the trek. I could only afford those last two games.

Dare you say, that I'm less of a fan.

But without the fans that buy the tickets we don't have a team. I don't accept that it's not affordable - especially when the team has finance packages or someone can put $10 a week into a jar.
If you don't want to go to a game, you don't like crowds or you prefer to sit at home, I understand that but don't tell me you can't afford it.
I still give thumbs up to the fans that buy tickets and attend every game, I say that they are the true fans. "No fans in the stands no team on the field"
Yes you are less of a am I.

I agree that a team needs ticket buyers. I get that. But there are those families who have tight budgets and financial conditions (mortgages, children and such) that just don’t have the dollars. There are other priorities.

Personally, I have had to cope with money issues in earlier years. Ten dollars may not seem important to you, but it could and often time does mean a GREAT DEAL to those who may require that amount elsewhere for much more significant reasons.

I would be less sympathetic for those who can and choose not to go. At least they may have the monetary means to make the commitment.

If you can afford it, good for you. But you are not familiar with others circumstances and as such, I don’t accept, that you are in a position to dictate or judge what someone else can or cannot afford.

Well said old fan. A single season ticket is somewhat affordable but in my family there's three of us that want to attend games. Three season tickets at the 55 yard line would blow a budget in quite a hurry. We have to purchase more affordable tickets at the 10 yard line but I don't feel that I am any less of a fan.

From a Rider fan in Regina:

  1. The hype is real.
  2. I believe it. I always wondered were that idea came from. Why would the whole country love one team? Doesn't make sense. I think it is more about the fact that there are Saskatchewanians all across the country and they are rabid Rider fans.
  3. Agreed. There are idiots everywhere. At least they stopped throwing beer cans at the players. :smiley:
  4. Glad to hear. Regina is not hard to get around and not that big, but with this party it was getting crazy.
  5. I felt for you Ti-Cat fans, had a friend there myself who was a Ti-Cat fan. Hope you were treated well during and after the game.

Well , I must say the GREY CUP was great for SASK and horrible for everyone else especially Ticats fans.

It felt like watching coverage of TEAM CANADA HOCKEY in the Olympics at home facing say SLOVAKIA .

It was sickening . The only chance at redemption we had was to win the game . I was thinking of how odd it would have looked if Hamilton actually won ..the place would have emptied and it would have been quiet with ..200 - 500 people running around :slight_smile:

On TSN it was sickening watching and listening to Darren Dutchyshen A SASKATCHEWAN native and fan basking in all the glory.
TSN made a huge mistake allowing him to anchor the pre game show ..sure let him get interviewed and have a piece but cmon !!!

The CFL needs to change what is going on with GREY CUPS

The trade that landed the ARGOS looked very shadey !! and am certain EDMONTON ESKIMO fans are still angry .
the trade that brought Alex Hall ( league sack leader) to the Riders from the Bombers also looked iffy mainly because WPG gave him away for nothing basically and it put SASK way over the cap.
The Bombers received Canadian offensive lineman Patrick Neufeld and a fourth-round pick in the 2015 CFL draft for Hall and a second-round pick in the 2014 draft. Walters said Winnipeg gets a better CFL-ready Canadian offensive lineman than they could have hoped for in next year’s draft.

Toronto ramped up their team last year and likely went way over the cap creating an unfair advantage ...The Argos had tolet a lot of players walk like Younger, Foley , Armstead , Mccolough , Huntley , Flemons, Marc Parenteau

And then this year the RIDERS went over the cap adding many players at various points of the season .
They added John Chick ( may 2013 = HIGE DOLLARS ) after already adding expensive free agents Geroy Simon ( HUGE DOLLALRS) , Dwight Anderson (HUGE DOLALRS ) ,Rey Williams, Rickey Foley, Rod Williams in SEPT ex CFLER from NFL and then Alex Hall ( cfl sack leader in trade in OCT )

I am almost certain that this team is roughly three quarters of these guys total salary over the cap .

Chick and Simon likely commanded in the 200 k per year range and Anderson was a free agent and likely got over 150 K

I agree with gerbear9. I believe the CFL is starting to take on the persona of pro wrestling, allowing trades to happen to ensure the home team gets into the Grey Cup to have the biggest splash. When the integrity of competiton is not their paramount consideration it cheapens the experience of fans of teams not hosting the cup in a particular year. Look at all of the players Gang Green hired/traded for this year. Look at the Ricky Ray trade last year. Look at the Arland Bruce trade from 2011.

Sure I might be a conspiracy theorist, but my aluminum foil hat has not let me down yet. 8)

My biggest beef is the ticket distribution for Grey Cup games with the home team hosting. What do you think the ratio of Rider fans to Ticats was at Saskatchewan’s stadium, 95% to 5%?? if that. I don’t know what the protocol is but they should be able to give apposing team’s fans at least access to 10 to 15%. If someone knows more about ticket distribution in this scenario, please educate me but to see that Sea of Green without Ticat fans really pissed me off.

As I have stated before , Tickets to the big game for out of towners is a concern in a football mad city like Regina.....BUT ...the biggest reason why there were a lot less out of towners was because there were NO hotel rooms from the get go .

Some fans go to the GC to party and go only to the party and just soak up a few days of CFL fun .........they do not all go to the game .......without a hotel room , a fan from away is pretty much out of luck to attend ...... that is pretty much what you saw this year.

I just hope the same scenario does not happen in Hamilton when they host ,it would be a shame for GHA to lose any of the $ 100 million plus economic activity that the big game see some of it go elsewhere due to folks not being able to find enough hotel/motel rooms would be a darn shame.

I am not sure what the ticket process was this year in Saskatchewan, but Toronto last year (and BC in 2014) are doing things a pretty similar way.

First on the list is regular season's ticket holders for the home team - guaranteed their own seats if they want them plus maybe a few more. These need to be purchased early to lock them in.

Second on the list is sponsors, etc. Not sure how many this really is, but they will be primo seats.

This year, ALL the seats between the goal lines were sold out to the first and second groups.

Third priority is season's ticket holders from other teams. There is a small number of these tickets made available, but each team should have access to a block of seats that will be made available in March or so. This year, Hamilton season's ticket holders were offered end zone seats, and had a four-hour window to purchase them.

Fourth is tickets from the "presale" that starts right after the Grey Cup. These are like "insiders'" seats, since it does not seem to be heavily promoted. The presale for Vancouver is on right now - you have to put down a deposit without any guarantee of where the seats will be. Seat selection occurs after the previous groups have gotten their seats.

Fifth is the general sale that starts after all these groups have had their tickets assigned.

The Saskatchewan stadium was a "sea of green" because they have a massive season ticket base compared to anyone else, I suspect pretty much every season ticket holder snapped up their full allotment of GC tickets, and everyone else in Saskatchewan waited in line for regular or pre-sales to get the rest. It did not help that hotel rooms were impossible to get - this is probably as big a reason for the lack of out-of-towners as the game tickets were.

You're pretty much bang on Ramone. There's about 28k season ticket holders for the Riders right now, which swallows up a large chunk of the Grey Cup tickets right there. I don't believe that the ticket distribution was any different this year from prior Grey Cups, it's just one of those unique situations where it's a Grey Cup in a small Centre (there's a reason there's only been 3 Grey Cups in Saskatchewan) and with the hotel situation it was going to be largely Green regardless of who was in the game. When Saskatchewan won the West final, I think a lot of people from Calgary also sold their tickets as they knew they'd get quite a bit more than face value.

This is an extremely rare situation, this is probably a 1 in 50 years thing. The odds of a host team making it to the Grey Cup isn't great to begin with, and it's not hosted in Saskatchewan very often. I'll probably never see this again in my lifetime.

This is why the league must take over Grey Cup ticket sales. There should be a GUARANTEED allotment of good seats available to at least those fans of the other city in the game. They have just as much right to those quality tickets as anyone in the home city, no matter whether they are season ticket holders or not.

When they come to THF next season it will be payback big time A Sea of Black and Gold can't wait :rockin: My kids made this up"GREEN IS SNOT"