Top 5 SSK Players You would that order.

Ok so you hold all the player contracts and are charged with rebuilding for the 2006 year..., which 5 players do you drop first:

  1. Karsten Bailey (no heart)
  2. Kenton Keith (too fragile)
  3. Jason French (can't catch)
  4. Jamel Richardson (won't catch)
  5. Nealon Greene (great athlete, poor QB).
  1. French (can't catch)
  2. Bailey (won't run)
  3. Thomas (stupid penalties)
  4. Greene (overrated)
  5. Keith (made of glass)
  1. Bailey (see above)
  2. Greene (happy feet)
  3. French (see above)
  4. Thomas (just don't like him, never have)
  5. Grant (there are better people out there)

Greene should be the first to go

I agree with you most of you guys, N. Greene has to go. Get a better qb and receiving core in the off-season and have Crandell back up your new starter.

Neither Greene or Crandell will take us to the Promise land..Crandell had his chance to prove he is worthy and failed.. as Far as releasing or trading players

  1. Keith - so sad he is both a great RB and a troublemaker. TRADE HIM
  2. Greene - roomate to Keith and should be packaged together - TRADE THEM will never lead this team to greatness. Trade them both for a top Canadian O lineman
  3. French - Good backup reciever that might fit in with another team...he is blackballed as a Rider for dropping more passes than my hands have fingers.
  4. Thomas - CUT HIM and insert a Starting Canadian O lineman.
    5.McCalla - Weaker than Morgan should be traded.
  5. Bellefool - overstayed his welcome - FIRE HIM

Still boils down to QB and Offense coordinator..the nucleus is there...get rid of the troublemakers..Crandell is good backup material..sign a goto guy free agent reciever..fill in a few spots on defense..Trade McCalla start Bush as Corner and play robinson....get a new punter/Kicker.

Riders should blow the budget on QB and reciever.. why is it almost every other team can find a QB (lions) and we stick with this sad sack crew.. As we all say in Riderville...NEXT YEAR


I don't why Sask fans are so negative.

It's jsu the way we are lol :lol:

You must not be very old then.

Dont confuse negativity with frustration..Rider Fans Own that category..Its time we demanded rather than sit on the lines and golf clap certain players that have no place on this team.

Maybe if Shivers got off his ass last off season and strengthened the team instead of constantly harping his "we're happy with our personnel" speech, Calgary would have had to go to Montreal instead of the Riders.

Edmonton and Calgary both improved, but Saskatchewan remained the same (as did BC, but they were already contenders). The only way Saskatchewwan could have really been worse is if they were Winnipeg.

  1. KK - (we have Holmes, no need for him)
  2. Smith - (too much negativity surrounding him)
  3. Richardson - (too slow)
  4. Grant - (ghost)
  5. Bailey - (brutal)

Hon. mention goes to Nealon, Butler and Thomas.

All of these guys can be easily replaced. We have Holmes as a RB, McCullough can be the MLB or can get someone else, receivers are a dime a dozen so lets go out and get someone with some fricken speed. Nealon and Rocky will not get better, as has been demonstrated, and everytime there is a holding call it is on #53.

1.Mitchell-Costs us big plays on defense, Stancil is better.
2.Bellefeulle-Costed us too many games this season
3.Thomas-enough said above
4.Bailey-big waste of money although he could be alright
5.The long snapper.

I would not cut Greene. We need a good backup. Unless we go out and get a quaterback then that would be one bad move.
French is an alright receiver+he is Canadian. He just needs to concentrate more out there.
Richardson? He reminded me of Elgaard out there yesterday. He fought on those brutal 2 yard throws that Bellefeulle had up his sleeve to at least bring up 3rd and short, ableing the Riders to go for it. Only one huge pass dropped by him yesterday, but I think it was a bit of interference.

I'd say

  1. N. Greene (no question, time's up)
  2. Bailey (haven't seen him catch anything for so long I can't remember when the last one was)
  3. Thomas (the fact we have a thread entitled holding saskatchewan #53 should suffice)
  4. French (dropped those two early catches that could've made a difference at that point in the game, plus numerous others throughout the season/years)
  5. Benefield (adequately replaced by younger players on the line)

I agree that Bellefool should go, but he's not a player so that's not included here for me, and although I've always liked KK, maybe he should be traded somewhere for a QB that doesn't suck quite as much as our current dudes. If Bellefool stays, we might as well trade Szarka too, cause he gets used for like 5 plays a game under the current scheme.

1st i just wanna ask, didnt bailey already get cut?
1.Bailey (doesnt seem to try)
2.KK(tries to hard to make fancy plays)
3.Benefield(not as good as fred perry, jurineack, or lefall)
4.Nealon (no brainer, we have disliked him for 4 years now)
5.Holmes...(JUST KIDDING, hes the MVP of this team
5. Grant( i like french, although he does drop a lot of passes i like french, but grant, i think hes caught like one td in his career or something0

cutting KK would be the dumbest thing ever. He IS NOT a trouble maker. Its just stupid fans making stupid rumours. And its these same fans that make FA stay clear from SK. Cut a guy cause he's hurt, stupid. The man is a game breaker.

Matt D. came forward on Riderville and defended Keith, shooting down the rediculous rumors. Get a grip.

#1 move to trade for a WR(KK traded if anyone will take this injury-prone player)#2movecut Bailey&French(either one can catch)#3Crandell lead to the door(what were they thinking,He's was8-10when they won the cup,Marcus won the cup with luck not talent.#4move-McAllaalso shown the door!! Nealon is the Qb we need,he's from the Damon Allen mold,he built for the Cfl,Barrett's heart is still in Calgary,always signing former stamp players,draft some Canadian talent,take advice from the Als just look at their Canadian Talent(ieStala,Cahoon)

Could anyone understand this mess of a post by johnsobo? The only thing that I got from it was that Nealon is the man??? OK then.

Which is why I completely disregarded the whole post. Nealon the man. Nealon like Damon allen. Brings a tear to my eye that there are people out there that believe this.