Top 5 Rivalries In CFL History?

Some traditions just will not die. :thup:

Labour Day Rivals!



BC-Atlantic :cowboy:

huffnagel and barnes

While it was somewhat short-lived, BC and Winnipeg had quite a rivalry in mid-80s. Two good teams that didn't like each other that used to pack 'em in at BC Place. There was no love lost between the fan bases either. I believe that was the origin of the "BC Sucks!" chant at the old Winnipeg Stadium.

Winnipeg was the one team that in 1953 tried to block our admission into the league for the 1954 season. Some people around here have never forgotten that.

Maybe they foresaw that a fifth team in the West would one day result in Winnipeg flip-flopping between conferences for a few decades.

I was at a number of games in wpg and that chant just grated on me. They did it even when they were playing other teams.

Same thing in Hamilton regarding the Argonauts.
Yah, it's stupid. :roll:

After the EE dynasty was over. BC - Wpg became top dogs in the West. From 83 - 86 faced each other in the play-offs.
When another team is your #1 threat to your success for a few years in builds . No doubt.

BTW RwO, I was not aware that the Bombers tried to block BC from the league.

What was the reason for that ?

Edmonton and Calgary, the Battle of Alberta trumps all rivalries in the CFL, even SASK and Winnipeg. No comparison.

You wouldn't think a chant as generic as Argos Suck wouldn't be so popular...but it is. Any time an Argo player hurts a Ti-Cat player, that chant is the goto. Heck I remember the last game vs Winnipeg at Ivor Wynne. People in the stands were still chanting Argos Suck. I've see Argos Suck T-Shirts, Argos Suck Buttons, Argos Suck Bumberstickers and so on.

The core reason it's so popular is mainly because of it's overuse at the Rogers Centre and it being the only cheer the Argos seem to have. When the Ti-Cats visit the dome when the announcer gives the old "Arrrrgooos" cheer, every Ti-Cat fan in attendance usually soon yells the reply "SUCK!"

Still "Nobody Blows like the Argos", "A is for Abandon Ship" and the very rude version of the "I'd rather be a Tiger-Cat" song are perfectly Hamiltonian rips on the Argos who really need to find some ammo of their own.




Still causing knock down brawls 40 years later!!! 8) :oops: :twisted: :roll: :lol: :lol: :rockin: :cowboy: [/b]

You could add the most modern Rivalry

Calgary VS Chris Jones

It just adds to the Calgary vs Edmonton Rivalry

If you watched the labor day game after every success on defense, the guys were "jawing" or "jesturing" at Jonesy (aka Bubba Gump).

I brought my wife's boss to the labor day game (an Eskimos fan) and he didn't realize just how much bad blood there is between Calgary and Chris Jones. At first he didn't believe me and then he saw all the junk that was being directed at "no class" Jones (aka I'm only shaking hands this year because I couldn't explain to my kids why I was such a poor sport).

... And then there is (not so much this year) fans of most every team vs the "rider nation" ... I'll let others expand on that one! :wink:


fans vs refs

:thup: x 2 :cowboy:

I'm tired of that one, to tell you the truth.

Ya beat me to the "PUNCH" on this one Turkey !!! :lol:

Kapp vs Mosca circa 1963 Grey Cup.....part #1

Kapp vs Mosca circa 2011 Grey Cup .....part #2

Kapp pinata at Mosca tribute dinner circa 2015....part #3

The summer got away from me and that that hockey season is here what little free time I have I spend with my wife to remind her I do know we are still married. :wink: Must get to an Ottawa game next year. Hear the new stadium is nice and I haven't been since the 90s. I think the Shreveport game was the last time.

Oh yeah, by all means. Come early and take a stroll around. I think you'll like it. :thup: