Top 5 Rivalries In CFL History?

What do you guys think is the top 5 rivalries of all time?

It would have to be Grey Cups then traditional rivals.

1 - HAMILTON - WINNIPEG ( 6 GC's in 10 years )

2 - EDMONTON - MONTREAL ( 50's then 70 's )

3 - HAMILTON - TORONTO ( hatred outright )

4 - CALGARY - EDMONTON ( just a bit less then the above )

5 - RIDERS - BOMBERS ( prairie tradition )

6 - Stamps - Riders . Not this modern day. The past.

For 5 years in a row , from 1967 - 1971 they met 12 times in the play-offs.

All in a row. I am sure hatred built between both players and fans. Maybe even some media.

I think Calgary-Edmonton is up there higher.

Plus there is a rivalry between Sask and Edmonton too that's pretty strong

I placed Ham - Wpg at the top just because of the Grey Cups. Same with the Edm - Mon Cups.

You think the Cal - Edm rivalry is higher than Ham - Tor ?

I have never been to a Ham-Tor game, but from what I see on tv ( and this site ) it is a bit more heated than Cal - Edm -

Also when you say Edm - Sas, I assume you are indicating the 5 years in a row they met in the play-offs ( 72 - 77 ).
Yes that was a good one.

Ham vs Tor more heated then Edm vs Cgy lol, seriously a rivalry is more than just the players, fans haterd has a part in it too. I dont see alot of hatred out of Toronto, maybe towards the CFL in general, but that rivalry may be hot in Ti-Cat land, but in Toronto? Not today

OK, that is a good point. I was looking at it from a Hamilton side. It is a one sided hatred.
Sure then, I move us up in the ranks.

Thanks RED

BTW, typo on my part Edm - Sas I meant ( 72 - 76 ).

Baltimore - canada

The thread is "in history" though.

I don't know if this would qualify as a top 5 rivalry but as CRF does state the thread is "In History" . I'm thinking that Ottawa and Hamilton in the 60's had quite the rivalry going all decade long in the East where for the most part it was a tier 2 division with the Cats and Riders being 1-2 and the Als and Argonauts taking turns being 3-4. The Cats represented the East in the Cup in 6 of those yrs (61,62,63,64,65,67)with the Riders representing the East the other 4 yrs (60,66,68,69).The decade ended up with each team winning the Cup 3 times a piece.

I wouldn't call this top 5 but just bubbling under. Short lived but while it existed there was a definite hatred; Ottawa - Shreveport. Ottawa fans will remember this. The Gleiberman's sold Ottawa then bought Shreveport. I still remember the home opener which was the Pirates first game. The team and the Glieberman's got from the Ottawa fans. Especially those drunken rowdy south side fans.


Still have my little "War of '94" towel! :lol:

I think I still have mine buried in the linen closet somewhere. And I was on the south side. Fun game.

Excellent choice. Russ Jackson talks about those games in his book and how he was getting frustrated at struggling so much to beat the Ti-Cats. I didn’t get to see al those games (because of the old “not-being-born” excuse) but man I wish I could now.

After Wally left Calgary for BC there was a lot of bad feeling between the teams and a pretty good rivalry but not so much anymore. Toronto vs the rest of the league in the early 70s was decent. Calgary and Edmonton has dropped off a bit recently but used to be a big deal.

Carling O'Keefe Vs Molson or Labatts

wendy vs rona

I forgot all about the battle of Ottawa.

North Side - South Side.

Could there be a bigger rival set up within same fans.

All the years Ott was gone , they are still at it.


Haven't been to the new stadium yet, but I hear the "north side sucks" chant still goes on.

Sure does.