With Nate Curry(37,38, 60 yds) and Jo Jo Walker(61, 72 yds TD) making up the top 5 kick returns of '07, why are neither regulars back there??? What has Jason Armstead done or Corey Holmes before him for that matter? The week following Nate Curry's top special teams player of the week award, he wasn't even returning punts or kicks...doesn't that speak to poor coaching judgement?

Because if they showed every one of their returns you'd understand why.

Oh, and I suppose Jason Armstead and Corey Holmes had better return averages?
Why oh why would you not have the past week's outstanding special teams player returning the following week? I can't wait to see your answer to this...

Because Taffe was trying to preserve our perfect record and Curry's performance wasnot in line with what the teamwas trying to achieve

Top kick return #'s 6, 7, 8, and 9 were fair catches

Fair Catch? Thats rich

I have seen numerous top 10's on TSN and other channels, but I have never seen a top 5 before.

Must be a reflection of the year the team had.

because number 6 would have been a 5 yard return with a holding penalty.

the videos would be alot better if they took out the comentary and added music

TD TD CATS..............

Or at least substituted Farr for Zamperin

We had 5 returns???