Top 5 PFF graded pending free agents

TORONTO — Numbers can help teams make informed decisions when it comes to free agency.

It’s obviously not the only consideration, as the game of football is as complex as they come and there are several numbers (among other factors) that should be considered when making such decisions. One of them is Pro Football Focus’ grading system, another useful tool for teams to decide where to allocate their resources.

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Some surprises here for me. Those stats really stand out.

I agree. Serious players.

Winnipeg will start to fall in 2024, especially if something happened to Collaros

I’m on board with 3 of the 5.

Jeffcoat - while an outstanding player - he’s outstanding WHEN he plays. He has never played a complete season in 6 years in the league.

Morrow - lots of his yards are to the outside, and catching passes behind the LOS - not up the gut. That’s why the Riders went after Oullette.

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[quote=“Mrstallion, post:4, topic:90732”]

Winnipeg will start to fall in 2024, especially if something happened to Collaros

[/quote] Only in your dreams, You been saying that every year still didn`t happen. One of these years , maybe . LOL

If you forecast cold weather long enough eventually you will be right. At least if you are in Canada. That said a lot of Winnipeg’s allstars are getting on in years but they have added some fairly outstanding younger players. They always surprise me in how many allstars they are able to retain. The players must enjoy playing for Winnipeg or Winnipeg manages to be creative with their salary cap. Maybe both.

Could be an excellent GM too… How you handle all those guys who want more money is a big part of keeping a team (or at least the core of the team) together. That and planning over when guys are ready to play full time.
Under the cap its a balancing act where you need that right ratio of experience and first/second year guys so you can afford the big contracts.

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