Top 5 Canadian, Ti-Cats Players of All Time!

Radelin really seemed to be the last of the fullbacks, that was still used to carry the ball.

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:sunglasses: Madjack, you must have gone to Hill Park then ??

He was my vice-principal there also !!!

Me too, once a Ram always a Ram!

Okay with my Top 5 Canadian Offense players now done and posted above I will now give you my Top # 5 Defensive players by position .

Defensive Line

Mike Philbrick (94-01)
Dave Sauve (82-88)
Ted Laurent (14-present)
Mike Campbell ( 94-99)
Adriano Belli (04-06)
honorable mention :


Bob Krouse (63-75)
Leo Ezerins (83-87)
John Priestner (80-86)
Ray Mariuz (06-11)
Mike O’Shea (93-95, 00)
honourable mention : Ed Gateveckas

Defensive Backs

Rob Hitchcock (95-07)
Paul Bennett (84-87)
Tunde Adeleke (19-present)
Courtney Stephen (13-18)
Ted Page (65-71)
honourable mention : Stavros Katsantonis (21-present)


Paul Osbaldiston (86-03)
Lirim Hajrullahu (18-19)
Bernie Ruoff (80-87)
Ken Clark (75-78)
Ian Sunter (72-75)
honourable mention : Luca Congi

Yes, I’m a Ram from way back. . . graduated from the last Grade 13 class there in '71.

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He was my phys-ed and health teacher at Delta.

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Steve Oneschuk, born in St. Catharines to Ukrainian parents, was a very talented fellow - football player, basketball player, football coach, high school teacher and principal, master wood carver, director of the Hamilton Art Gallery, and more. Sadly, he passed away in 1996 at the age of 65 - much too soon.

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Steve Oneschuk was also the Progressive Conservative candidate on Hamilton Mountain in the 1985 Provincial election. Brian Charlton for the NDP won with 13, 871 votes; Oneschuk came in second with 9,729, and Dominic Agostino for the Liberals had 7,745

You could go Adriano Belli for the 5th.

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Why yes , yes I could . That would work . I was having a brain fart trying to go over in my mind who that 5th selection would/could be . So I guess it’s official then …the ‘Kissing Bandit’ makes the grade in the number 5 slot .
Now all I need is an honorable mention candidate . :thinking:

I’ll go back and re-edit my post right now .

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Paul bennet

I have Bennett listed in the top # 5 DB’s section .

And the principal at mine in the 80’s.
Good guy despite my detentions. :grin:

I’d have either of Giftopolous or Auggie Bear over Mariuz at LB - just IMO.

Wasn’t Ted Page (?) - good DB of the 60s - a Canuck ? Has to be a better DB over Walters - who was mediocre at best IMO

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Actually all three players that you mentioned are worthy candidates to be honest . I agree that Walters should be swapped out and Page inserted into the top 5 in the DB category . Also agree that one could easily swap out Mariuz at LB and insert either of Giftopolous or Berranchea in his spot .

I will adjust my top 5 DB’s accordingly on my previous post and insert Page in place of Walters .

Ted Page,North Bay Ontario, started with the Als. Came over to Hamilton along with Billy Ray Locklin to win 65 Grey Cup and 67 Grey Cup which was greatest defensive team of all time. Plenty of great Canadian players on those rosters.

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All these years, I thought Teddy Page was American…my surprise!!!

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HC Jim Trimble took local media and fan criticism for not playing Page more . “Whaddya want me to do ? hes too small. I cant coach 'em bigger .”

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Listed at 5-10, 185 on historic roster listing = hardly small for a DB - back then, or now. Was also the Ticats primary/leading punt returner on that 67 team; 16 career INTs for the Ticats - no DBs get anywhere near that now unless they were to play about 8 plus seasons. Page from North Bay, ON; as a certain O’Shea guy is as well.


Take it up with Trimble ?