top 4 vs bottom 4

so, which will be the first bottom 4 team to beat a top 4 team. Hamilton has a good shot against toronto in their back to back but will it take til then?

Tough to say. Anything is possible. It's usually a team at the top that will start to tank.

...the first test of your question FYB will come tomorrow evening at McMahon...

In my opinion, I wouldn't call Hamilton a bottom feeder, but then again they are in the bottom 4. As for FYB Question; I think it will be Aug.28th at Commomwealth. Mind you, this Question has potential to have some debate behind it.

You actually think Edmonton has a shot...? :o

Cats will beat the Argos on August 20th. It seems as if the Cats have found their rhythm. Won't be a blowout, but I think the Cats will take it. That will be the first time a "bottom 4" beats a "top 4."

well, it didnt happen in calgary. I wont post for a week if wpg does it in montreal.

Ham coming off a well played game in wpg and toronto coming off an upset against montreal, it remains to be seen who can keep it up long enough to do it again :wink:

Pretty sure ham and tor will split

Gonna guess the answer to my question is hamilton on labour day

If cflisthebest had posted this ^^, I'd be getting excited...

I wouldn't be that easy to manipulate! haha

and we have a winner :slight_smile:

It's easy to be right....when you pick one team in one thread.. and another team in a different thread!!

What are you talking about? I have never, ever, picked against the Cats, especially when they play the Argos.

Now for the Labour Day games; I wonder which bottom 3 team has a chance of winning against one of the top 3 teams? What do you think FootbalYouBet? I'll have to closely think about this, for now.

B.C. Lions @ Montreal
Winnipeg @ Sask.
Eskimo's @ Calgary

I know I'm not FYB, but I'd like to make a prediction (which I reserve the right to change :lol:).

This is tough. BC could beat Montreal because with Printers back and AC out, the Als don't figure to be as dominant as usual. Winnipeg, coming off a week's rest, might give the Riders some problems as well. I don't think Edmonton has a shot at all.

I think I'll go with... Winnipeg. I don't think any of the three will win, but if I had to back one horse, I'll back the Bombers.

Now that Blogskee Wee Wee has given his choice, I may as well give my choice. I'll back the B.C. Lions.

gotta put my money on BC although I really dont expect any upsets.

Even though I took Winnipeg, I hope you're both right and BC beats Montreal.

This is just a fun bet of course. I may pick differently in Dave's Grey Cup pool.

intersting that so far, in 3 of the last 4 games, a bottom team has beaten a top team.

Well now FootbalYouBet it’s the bootom 3 vs the top 5. Hamilton is 4-4 and no longer a bottom feeder. The Tiger-Cats never was a bottom feeder in my opinion in the first place.