Top 4 Receivers??

It has kind of been scaring me all the talent that it seems we are getting at receiver. Don't get me wrong it is a good thing. I do not envy the coaches in trying to make a decision of who starts but wow what a dilema to have. I thought it would be fun to post this question.

Assuming the RR EXPRESS is in the backfield. We have Hudson,Sage,Smith as pretty much starting on the Oline. With the chance of having an all Canadian Oline. Two spots still available.

Who are the starting 4 receivers??

WR - DJ Flick
WR - Brock Ralph
SB - Terry Vaughn
SB - Corey Holmes

Of course, with the talent of our Receivers, anything is possible.

DJ Flick
Brock Ralph
Terry Vaughn
Kamau Peterson
Craig Yeast (5th)

WR Flick
WR Ralph
SB Vaughn
SB Gardner
WR 5th Holmes
WR 6th Cavil

WR - DJ Flick
WR - Brock Ralph
SB - Terry Vaughn
SB - Craig Yeast

Yeast MUST have shown improvement if you vouch for him, Crash. Curious though, no mention of Corey Holmes as a SB? Does Morreale fit in anywhere?

Just because I said i think Yeast will be our 5th receiver does not mean I think he has improved at all. It means that i think our coaching staff will keep him. The question was "Who are the starting 4 receivers" not "Who would you keep"

Brock wont be playing Wide out. and with Flick on the short side he wont be playing wide side wide out for sure.

Thats the spot Kamau has been playing well at all camp.

Good point. I am looking forward to the B&G (NOT bg - borehamgirl 8) ) game.

Holmes won't strictly be a receiver, so I could understand him not being "starting 4"

I think Morreale is going to play situationally, if at all. Sad, but true.

I'm not sure Yeast will be starting 4 either. If Peterson and Ralph are as ready as the quotes in the paper say they are, and DJ is continuing to show he's our top guy, Vaughn's presence will make it tough for Yeast to see the field as much as he is used to.

I'm interested to see who the backups will be. Gardner? Savoy? Cavil? And what will happen to Fleming?

Good points ty-pex.

I am basing my opinions without having seen any training camp action but I would think that Gardner, Savoy and Flemming if they are at or near the same level as Cavil at camp, that Cavil may be the odd man out as the other three are much more affordable options as backups and practice roster players than a vet like Cavil.

i read, cavil has been one of the most impressive recievers at camp.

Actually, Miller91 mentioned that he could be our starting slotback. And with exception to Terry Vaughn, I believe that he may be able to play that position better than any other reciever on the team.

And as for Morreale, I suppose I’ll post what I previously said about him. He’s apparently just there to give guidance to the less expereinced receivers we have, and that may well be his final contribution to the team.

And you know, something I noticed is that people have often counted out Cavil and Peterson. And not just in this thread. After hearing what was said about Peterson, could he be a starting wide receiver? And Cavil was a 1000 yard receiver who, unlike a few other receivers we have, was a teammate of Jason Maas. And for this reason, Yeast’s job does not appear to be safe. And perhaps competition at his position is just what Yeast needs in order to be motivated, as he certainly didn’t always seem motivated to succeed last year. And that’s why I wouln’t be too surprised to see Yeast improve this year.

I think they are going to keep...

Morreale/Flemming (or both in some way)

For some reason i dont see Cavil making this team, I could be wrong. He hasnt looked bad, its going to come down to roster/Practice roster/Ratio moves.

Maybe what the team saved on ticket-printing costs will help Cavil's case. :lol:

The extra roster space provides options. We also have a giant one in Holmes, who alleviates the need to have an extra running back around.

The coaches have some tough decisions ahead of them. It's probably not all rosy as Kenny P's articles would indicate (every player mentioned seems to be doing well!).

Crash, how in the world would Peterson crack the starting line-up with the talent we have? I don't care if he is having a good camp. I remember Gilliam being the best receiver the last two years at camp also. How did that work out? (Sure Peterson is an NI but that doesn't take away from the fact that he is terrible.)

I'm not saying I'm a Yeast guy either.

My top 4:

  1. Terry Vaughn
  2. D.J. Flick
  3. Brock Ralph
  4. Talman Gardner

Yikes, the thought of Peterson starting has just ruined my day.

BTW, I'm not chirping you. I know you are basing your picks on camp because you can see it first hand, but I hope to god you're wrong on this one.

So who are the starting WIDE OUTS? The only 2 that have shown they can START at Wide Out are Flick and Peterson. Ralph and Vaughn are Slots, as is Yeast. Maybe Yeast could move to that Wide side spot but it is generally someone that has some size because they are the furthest from the QB. I dont want to see someone asked to change positions because we all saw what happened with Brazzell. Kamau is a WR and Vaughn, Cavil, Yeast, Morreale, Ralph are all SB's.

Thats where I get my observations from, the depth chart, whos going up against who in camp...

Good point....but I still can't believe he is going to make this team.

The guy can't catch the ball and looks lost on the field. (This is from years of observation, so if he has improved at this years camp maybe he will be alright this year.)

I don't know, we'll see I guess.

I will say this... i wasnt too thrilled with the trade that brought him here... but he looks really good in camp, has lost weight and is catching everything thrown his way.

I hope he shows well enough to start, cause it would give us options everywhere.

PS> I dont think Talmon Gardner is going to stay.

If alot of the receivers are performing well does it come down to the YAC. I don't see to many receiver cuts until the exhib games are done. I think you will see who is going to make the catch then. We know Vaughn is one of the best in YAC!

If we are that deep at receiver do you hold on to Vaughn with his price tag?