Top 4 QB stats after game 14

Ray I feel has better ball control, he will move the ball on defenses and take what is given to him. He is a smarter QB then the other two, and is doing what he is doing behind a sub par o-line, with good, but not great WR.

Where were the comments like this when Kevin Glenn was throwing for 30+ TDs and 5,000 yards, but the team only won nine games? Not saying you did it specifically (perhaps you did), but Glenn was always to blame for the team winning and losing (all that moronic talk about how he's "just a .500 QB") regardless of the numbers he put up. Over 400 yards against BC in the playoff loss, but still his fault. Over 500 yards in a regular season loss to Montreal in 2009, but still his fault. Heck, people blamed him for the loss to Winnipeg in the East Final last year and he only played half the game. Henry Burris is getting every benefit of the doubt that Glenn never did. Glenn's numbers never mattered because the team didn't win enough, but Burris is not the reason the team hasn't won because his numbers have been so good; please tell me I'm not the only one who sees the contradiction in those statements.

^^^ Not me. I'm a Glenn fan. I always said he's good enough to win a Grey Cup.

You raise a good point, Blogskee. It is contradictory, isn't it? Maybe it's because Burris is new in Hamilton so the honeymoon period is still in effect. Don't be surprised if next year the story line changes.

For my part, I was never a major fan of Glenn, and I'm not on the Burris bandwagon either. Different styles, but both have had their ups and downs, and are often streaky in their performance. When they're on their games, they can be terrific. When they're not, it can be a long three hours.

Burris has a Grey Cup to his credit, but is older than Glenn. He has a stronger arm (supposedly) and is a better runner, but neither factor seems to strike fear into the hearts of the opposition as they once might have done. Which one is smarter, is a better leader and has greater command of the game? I don't know.

I totally agree, this business about "he's a .500 QB" is silliness. Glenn got his team (Bombers) to the Grey Cup one year, but couldn't play in it because he was injured in the Division final. Same thing about comments made about Marcel Bellefeuille being a ".500 coach". He won a Vanier Cup.

100% agree with everything you wrote Steve! (And Blogskeewee) Very well said!

Both Glenn & Burris are streaky. I think Henry generally has a higher ceiling & upside when he's hot due to arm strength & mobility. But neither matters when he's in Bad Hank mode - just means he throws prettier interceptions & mobility doesn't help when you won't run or are indecisive. Burris was supposed to be better than Glenn - haven't seen it. Cortez was supposed to be better than Bellefuille - haven't seen it. They lost EDSF in '10. Then made it to EDF in '11. Logic says nothing short of making it to the GC is acceptable with these "Better is Better" changes. We shall see.

I put both Glenn & Burris is the class of Better Than Good But Just Short Of Great. Again ... We shall see.

I think you may be over-generalizing here. There were hundreds of posts on here during the Marcel / Glenn era blaming everything from:

OCs Mike Gibson and Khari Jones for poor play calls.
Cory Chamblin
Marshall's Bend Don't Break
Bob Young
Scott Mitchell
Defensive Backs (endless posts about theses guys)
etc, etc.

As for Henry getting the benefit of the doubt, I believe that he appears to bring a more larger than life persona than Glenn did. Henry is more accomplished, has more height, stronger arm, running ability, MOP award and a Grey Cup. He also seems to have more of a command and leadership role than Glenn`s more passive, quiet demeanor. I think people have more confidence that Henry can get it done.

Having said that I am still a fan of Glenn and appreciate that he took the Cats out of those dreadful losing years prior to 2009.

Burris improves his stats in garbage time. He seldom goes deep and his stats get enhanced with the yards after catch.

that would pretty well go for any QB, like Ray for instance

Burris has thrown 35 touchdowns with a mediocre O-line. I made a point to focus on the line last night and I couldn't believe how quickly the pocket collapsed on a consistent basis. He is being rushed and when he tries to go deep, he literally has no time. In Calgary they didn't have a good line and now that they've improved their front line, Glenn is flourishing. In the off-season our concerns were on both lines and this continues to be a concern. Obie needs to bring in quality players in order to improve these two areas this off-season.

I think the o-line is fine with Dyakowski and Hage in there.

They are partly responsible for Burris' and cobourne's successes this season.